Ascendant in Cancer in Medical Astrology

You have a sensitive nature and can be easily affected by environmental influences. This includes the people with whom you interact, your living surrounds, your family, and the type of foods that you consume. You should try to limit the consumption of sugary and overly refined and/or processed foods. You may be prone to food allergies. Fish is probably a good food to include in your diet and you should make sure that you drink plenty of water. Do not eat too much salt, fat, or sugar for you can easily gain weight.

You are very much influenced by your emotions and moods. You may be prone to developing problems such as eating disorders or psychosomatic illnesses that have an emotional cause at their heart. Family problems from childhood may have affected you in a profound way. Make time to nurture yourself and try not to dwell in the past.

Possible health problems include: potassium/sodium imbalances, hormonal fluctuations, indigestion, eating disorders, obesity, fluid retention, metabolic problems, stomach ulcers, flatulence, gallstones, and emotional disorders such as depression. Parts of the body that can be sensitive include the breast and stomach region.

Many of these problems can be overcome by eating the correct foods and by protecting yourself from the harsher aspects of daily life. Having a harmonious living environment is crucial to your wellbeing. You can adapt to your environment, but it is important that you don’t get too far away from your comfort zone.

At times of stress, you sometimes head for the refrigerator, as eating restores your emotional centre, but this can lead to problems. Alcohol too can be a solace, but try to avoid bingeing or over-indulgence. You are in many ways a creature of habit, so ensure you establish healthy ones. Writing down your feelings, expressing yourself imaginatively, or communicating your emotions in creative ways, are some alternatives to consider.

Massage with essential oils especially soothing for the digestion, such as: Bergamot, Camomile, Peppermint, Fennel, Lavender, Ylang Ylang and Basil. Fluid retention can be greatly assisted by drinking the juice of celery or cucumber, (mix with carrot juice) or taking kelp supplements.

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