Ascendant in Libra in Medical Astrology

You approach life with a desire for fairness and balance. This means that you tend to have a highly idealistic side to you that desires perfection and harmony. You strive to keep the peace. Relationship stress is particularly difficult for you to cope with and can manifest in a range of problems, in particular symptoms that affect the skin.

Learning to be happy in your own company, when alone, may be one of your greatest challenges. You sometimes clamour for social interaction to keep from looking within yourself, or because you fear being on your own.

Sometimes you can be too focussed on others, or on making a good impression. You present yourself well, and are diplomatic in your dealings with people. It is important to honour yourself and find a balance between giving and receiving and between your needs and those of others.

You probably possess a strongly magnetic or beautifully proportioned body, which you enjoy looking after, but you can sometimes be overly concerned with your external appearance.

With Libra rising, you can be prone to kidney disorders and cystitis, so it is important to have enough fluid circulating in the body. You will find that having regular beauty treatments and spending time and money on your appearance will be uplifting to your self-esteem.

An inability to make decisions that sometimes plagues you can also result in teeth problems or sleeplessness. You should endeavour to limit your intake of sugar, alcohol and salt, which can lead to problems related in overindulgence. Naturally diuretic foods such as celery and cucumber will help cleanse the kidneys. Other possible health problems you can encounter include: anaemia, eye problems, kidney disease, and problems with fluid metabolism, acne, psoriasis or other skin conditions.

Aromatherapy oils and herbs that are useful for skin conditions include: Bergamot, Geranium, Lavender, Sandalwood, Frankincense, Juniper, Cypress and Tea Tree. The herbs Echinacea and Cranberry are good for cystitis.

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