Ascendant in Taurus in Medical Astrology

You are firmly grounded and consequently you tend to move about in a rather slow and measured style. You are very determined to make your mark on the world. Your physical type is stocky and you can be prone to weight gain, often caused by a love of rich food. Sometimes you consume too many fatty or sugary foods, which can lead to a range of health problems. Try to avoid too much rich food and limit your alcohol consumption.

You can be prone to conditions such as; gout, diabetes, obesity, tonsillitis, neck problems, thyroid imbalances, goitre, sore throats, heart disease, jaw and teeth problems, haemorrhoids or constipation. But you probably do not get sick very often and tend to have a strong constitution. You also tend to soldier on when you are feeling unwell, determined not to let anything, let alone your health, interfere with your plans. As a result, you can end up with serious health problems if you fail to rest or address problems in the first instance.

Learn to listen to your body and also to the advice of health professionals when you sense there is something wrong. Your strong physical body will enjoy the routine of regular exercise. Exchange fat and sugar in your diet for other pleasurable activities that will better serve your health. In the long run you will see the results. Try exercises that release energy slowly and require patience. Golf, dance and yoga are some suggestions.

Inhalation of aromatherapy oils such as Clary Sage, Cypress, Sandalwood and Tea Tree can assist with sore throats. Regular massage has special benefits for those with Taurus rising; you probably adore any kind of tactile, hands-on therapy. Lavender, Fennel and Juniper oils can be particularly soothing and relaxing. Treat yourself often.

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