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The soul, symbolically newborn in Aries (although not necessarily in its first earthly sojourn), relates to dawn, sunrise, spring and Easter – or the resurrection from its “death” in the previous sign of Pisces. In this first excursion into the Fire Element – this experience as the first of the three Cardinal signs – the [...]


Even then they had time to gather in a phalanx that would have been hard to break had they risen quickly, but this They were forbidden to do by the traditions… An interviewer at an employment agency would have no trouble identifying these two Sun Signs, no problem in telling a Ram from a Fish. [...]


They began the verse, but they never finished it … Aries and Aquarius have this outstanding thing in common – they’re both cur┬Čiously attracted to anything new until they’ve extracted all the fun and truth from it. Then they toss it away and go on to the next new and exciting adven┬Čture. With these two, [...]


“It is only the gay and innocent and heartless who can fly. ” “What is gay and innocent and heartless? I do wish I were gay and innocent and heartless.” That wistful complaint from James M. Barrie’s Peter Pan might well be spoken by a Capricorn who envies the Aries ability to fly happily through [...]


… but perhaps the biggest adventure of all was that they were several hours late for bed. This so inflated them that they did various dodgy things to get staying up still longer, such as demanding bandages …. Both of these Sun Signs like to stay up late. They’re afraid they might miss something. That’s [...]


Had the pirates kept together it is certain that they would have won; but the onset came when they were all unstrung, and they ran hither and thither, striking wildly, each thinking himself the last survivor of the crew. Man to man they were the stronger; but they fought on the defensive only ….. In [...]


So with occasional tiffs, but on the whole rollicking, they drew near the Neverland; for after many moons they did reach it, and what is more, they had been going pretty straight all the time. The Libra people who read this chapter may claim I haven’t been fair with them, since I’m an Aries myself. [...]


Indeed they were constantly bumping. .. if they saw a cloud in front of them, the more they tried to avoid it, the more certainly did they bump into it. Aries likes to generalize, hates to bother with details, and is bored by meticulous analysis. Virgo is meticulous, likes to analyze details, and abhors generalities. [...]


“So are you a cowardly custard?” “I’m not frightened. “ “Neither am I frightened. “ “Well, then, take it.” “Well, then, you take it.” Most everyone knows that Leo is symbolized by the Lion. As for Aries Rams, once they’ve been taught (by Leo) the gentle joys of submission, they become perfect lambs. Now, the [...]


… but of course neither of them understood the other’s language. A Crab can become a little tense and edgy, spinning around on an Aries carousel. Because the Lunar physical-emotional metabolism is more delicate and fluctuating, Rams can exhaust Moon people with their excessive Mars enthusi-asm, which flames in even the quieter, Sheep-type Arians, on [...]


It was not really Saturday night, at least it may have been, for they had long lost count of the days; but always if they wanted to do anything special they said this was Saturday night, and then they did it. Working as a team, this combination of Sun Signs could sell Manhattan back to [...]


Because Rams and Bulls each have tough horns, the determination of Aries and the stubbornness of Taurus might seem to be identical traits. They are not, and numerous incidents will occur between the two of them to make the distinction clear. For example, an Aries parent wants a Taurus child to eat, and emphasizes it [...]

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