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You brood and you worry; you’re moody and temperamental. You give a great impression of force, but internally you’re a little timid, a little afraid of the world and even of your own opinions. You’re likely to be imposed upon through this lack of inner conviction, although you bitterly resent being imposed upon. You express [...]


Your interest in people pays large dividends, whether it takes the form of dealing with people in business, in public life or in the remoter forms of public contact. You are highly social and magnetic, and likely in some way or other to be well paid for anything you undertake that depends on your popularity [...]


You have that inner drive of ambition that makes almost inevitably for success. You’re a hard person to get the better of, for you know your own mind and have definite ideas of where you’re going and how you’re going to get there and you let nothing stand in your way. No matter how sweet [...]


Independence of thought, action, and speech – that’s you! You believe in the truth with an almost pious devotion – not so much the technical truth of scientific investigation as the fundamental truths of large doctrines, philosophies, abstractions. You are more a speculator than a seeker – details irk you. You look for truth along [...]


Well, whatever may happen to you, good or bad, life is never going to be dull. Between your own aggressiveness and vitality, your conviction of your own worth, and the way you are able to make the world believe in it, you will have your ups and downs, but you will never lose that zest [...]


This is a curiously difficult position, presenting a problem between the emotional and mental natures. You are ambitious, eager to get ahead and anxious to please people, with a sort of personality that seems to reach out to others as if you are in need of support and guidance and affection from someone or from [...]


You have a fine critical and analytical mind, scientific in its bent rather than creative or executive, but capable through the exercise of mental powers of rising to great heights which may give you the appearance of executive power and authority. Your best road to success, however, is along lines where studious application to details, [...]


Romance and an adventuresome attitude combine to make your life interesting. You have a keen sense of both of these, and a certain loyalty and fixity of devotion and purpose that make you a good friend, a good sweetheart, and a good business person, despite the fact that you want your own way and pretty [...]


Well, there’s no doubt about it – you are sensitive, extremely sensitive – and extremely capable. You have a good deal of pride in your own ability, a sort of determination to live up to the best that is in you in a personal and artistic way. This is one of the positions that makes [...]


This is one of the most talkative positions in the entire Zodiac. You have to learn to keep things to yourself at least until you’ve made up your own mind, which you don’t find easy to do. Concentration is not your strong point, and you seem to feel that by sitting down and talking about [...]


You are one of those tactful and forceful people who manage to do pretty much as they please and get away with it. Your energy, vitality, independence, and magnetism operate under the aegis of a certain charm, reserve, and poise that stabilizes your position, even in the face of enmity and opposition. You can hardly [...]


You belong to the positive or executive group.¬†Whatever anyone else can say about you, it will never be that you don’t know your own mind. In fact, it’s far more likely that they will say you know your own mind too well and are too ready to express whatever comes into it, for independence is [...]

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