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These gentle-hearted Aquarians are whimsically serene—and sometimes exotic!—on the outside, but they might be nervous wrecks deep down. Still, with the most silently shrewd and gentle personality of all teamed up with the electric funny-bone, they sometimes earn wealth and fame. There’s an alluring magnetism here and possibly a photogenic quality that adds to the [...]


These are the best grinners and grippers in the zodiac! A friendly smile and a firm handshake puts them in good standing with the people they meet. But when it’s double Aquarius, attitude is doubly important! Aquarius’ friendly, electric, magnetic side has more potential with Aquarius rising than with any other rising sign—but it takes [...]


These people play by the rules. If it’s not in the book, we’re not doing it that way! They’re bureaucrats who believe in the system. And as is usually the case with sober, responsible Capricorn, they do what’s expected, plus. There’s no need to go looking for these folks—they’re right where they always are: at [...]


Friendly, electric, “Gee, I kinda like that guy” Aquarius coupled with the winner of the zodiac? There’s so much positive energy here it’s almost unfair! Magnetic Aquarians never looked better than they do with a winning smile and an encouraging word. These people set a great example for those less fortunate or those with less [...]


With an intense, Mysterious Scorpio personality and an on-guard alertness, these people are always vigilant, on their toes, and ready for anything. They show up full of purpose and generally have a “come hell or high water” attitude. They’re not very tolerant, but when Aquarians born around midnight channel their energy in positive directions, they’re [...]


A likable, obliging Libra personality is a true complement to a magnetic Aquarius ego. If we give Aquarius’ good-attitude, “Gee, I kinda like that guy,” friendly side some polite Likable Libra social skills, we get the most congenial, easy-to-work-with diplomats on the planet. They love interaction, and they’re a joy to be around. And they’re [...]


An intelligent, friendly person with an unassuming and helpful personality—what a joy! These people are always willing to consider the other person’s position, and they usually come back with the most original and enlightened ideas for their consideration. Aquarians with Virgo rising busy themselves with whatever’s begging for improvement, be it a misunderstanding, a squeaky [...]


With a robust demeanor and a striking appearance, an attention-getting Leo personality leaves a big impression all by itself, so Aquarians with Leo rising need to put their “best foot forward” to rally support and inspire confidence. Friendly and magnetic triumphs over sour and disagreeable every time, but look-at-me Leo ups the ante tremendously. These [...]


Here’s a cautious personality with a strong Aquarian ego. The emotional sensitivity of Cancer is likely to obscure a lot of the classic Aquarius qualities, so these might be people who don’t obviously resemble their Aquarius sun sign. There’s less contention and egotism here, and Cautious Cancer often leads these Aquarians away from the typically [...]


If these quick-minded, chatty-faced Aquarians emphasize the “best foot forward,” funny-bone side of their Aquarius ego, they’ll entertain and fascinate people with cordial conversation and be adored and appreciated. “Gee, I kinda like that guy” never worked out better than it does with congenial, interesting Gemini rising. The stiffness of Aquarius benefits tremendously from a [...]


A good attitude is always important with a serious Taurus, the Banker, personality. These people have staying power second to none, but they’re awfully intense. They just take themselves and life too seriously. But they’re affectionate, with a warm touch, and they usually show personal concern for others. They like to make people comfortable and [...]


These friendly, electric Aquarians rarely need a jump-start! They’re plugged in and ready to go, showing up early, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, zipping through the workday, and expecting everyone else to keep up. When they’re in positions of authority, they don’t tolerate laggers and slackers. They keep the system rolling, the machine humming, and the workers [...]

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