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You are intuitive, something of a mystic, leaning on your hunches and your inspirations and capable of going far, either toward truth or toward fallacies through the following of your swift mental processes. You have a feeling for poetry that makes it appear a science, and for science that makes of it a sort of [...]


The scientific bent is strong in you. You are an analyst, an organizer as well as a finder of information and knowledge, and you see your knowledge in broad, social, and philosophic sweeps. Your bent is critical rather than creative or executive, though in your executive power over the minds of men you are not [...]


You are a hundred per cent patriot, a supporter of the status quo, an upholder of law and order, a rugged individualist. The fact of outstanding interest about this combination is that it has produced more eminent Americans than any other solar-lunar combination. It has an affinity with the horoscope of the United States and [...]


Independence of mind and action, thought and expression, are the keynotes of your nature. You are an intellectual and, as your life has gone on, you have become able to focus your emotional and passional nature in intellectual concepts, and to approach the philosophic ideal of objectivity. This was not all the case in the [...]


Your good opinion of yourself is the lodestar of your life. Nobody is likely to be so important to you as yourself and your ambition. You have a highly personalized approach to life, and, even when you are most intellectual, most detached, most abstracted in your thinking and reasoning, there is a strong personal underlying [...]


You are highly social-minded, romantic in the extreme, and will have your share of the ups and downs of love. You are constantly being disappointed by the duplicity, the infidelity, the faithlessness, and the fickleness in those you love. You are able to give your affections to the most outlandish people and to be surprised [...]


Mind power and ability to detach yourself from personal considerations are your chief assets. You can reason things out with a fine, hard, critical analysis and, through being able to keep your emotions out of situations you achieve an unusually sane judgment. If you have had a good education you go far in an intellectual, [...]


Your intellect and your emotions have a constant struggle for the center of the stage, for, although you are a strongly mental type, your imagination is so active that it can interfere with your logical processes. In the realm of pure thought you tend to wander from the scientific to the speculative; while in dealing [...]


You are an ultra-social person, needful of companionship and very sensitive, both in your own feelings and perceptions and with regard to the feelings of others. You have an almost uncanny faculty for responding to other people, with the result that you are extremely popular. You probably have unusual hereditary endowments and position, but this [...]


You are a romantic, and unless you translate this quality into an artistic career or overcome it entirely, your emotions will run away with you. Your idealism is strongly mixed with critical tendencies, and discontent arises through disappointment when people do not live up to the impossibly high romantic standards you set for them. You [...]


You have a nice blend of the emotional and intellectual natures – an efficient mind, purposeful, reasonable, and logical. You have all the qualities necessary to be a good executive except the desire to be one. You are impelled to personal development rather than to those pursuits that lead to public acclaim. You are devoid [...]


You have a quick, aggressive mind, a keen sense of your own intellectual powers, and a sort of judicial attitude toward the rest of the world. This is one of the positions of a genuine superiority complex, and you have to look out that smugness and self-satisfaction do not make you unpopular. You have a [...]

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