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You shouldn’t have any trouble spotting your Aquarian em­ployee. He’s the one with all the friends. You know, the one who forgot his brief case this morning-the same man who casually dropped in your office last month to borrow your fountain pen and left behind a production idea which has saved your company $30,000 in [...]


First of all, check again. Are you sure his birthday is late January or early February? Are you absolutely positive your boss is an Aquarian? Uranus-ruled executives are as rare as albino pandas. If you have one for a boss, you can’t very well sell him to a zoo, but consider him a collector’s item, [...]


Aquarius Rising – General Your personal destiny and soul function is ultimately related to the impulses toward progressive change, experimentation and innovative, creative thinking which reside in the collective psyche of your generation. You are a conduit for change, for awakening new thought. As such, you will always be seen as a bit avant garde, [...]


You pursue your spiritual path along three distinct lines: 1. Self-serving personal aggrandizement that shifts into the service of humanity. 2. Selfish attention to material superficiality that transforms into spiritual activity to serve a divine purpose. 3. Self-conscious activity on the interpersonal level that changes to broader humanitarian awareness. Each of these three tendencies is [...]


Forward-looking and progressive, you are a person who supports change, innovation, and human advancement, and you are often strongly committed to a humanitarian cause or social improvement. You are extremely aware of the interconnection and interdependence of all people, and are always relating personal issues to some larger framework. You see the political or social [...]


The emblem of the eleventh sign is simple. It represents waves and was the Egyptian hieroglyphic for water. With all the obvious references to liquid (” Aquarius” itself is derived from the Latin aqua = water), how is it that the Water-Bearer is an airy sign? In order to answer this question, we have to [...]


Aquarius makes for the application of your mental self, so that there are tendencies for you to analyze carefully any given project, or any undertaking dealing with the material world. Also, the more often you undertake projects when others must be considered as well, it will be far better that you manifest a truly cooperative [...]


As you might expect, the dark face of Aquarius, the secret side which he often can’t face, springs from his complete dedication in ordinary life to his ethical codes. Where Aquarius consciously strives for selflessness, his shadow side is completely self-centred; where his dedication to others is often faultless in ordinary life, his shadow is [...]


An Aquarius child is a sort of puzzle for his parents. He is sensitive, adamant, a little shaky, ingenious and impulsive, all at the same time. It becomes a little difficult to decide whether he is an extremely crazy youngster or an exceedingly intelligent prodigy. He may turn out to be the next Einstein or [...]


Within the Place of Peace the Great Presiding One poured forth the radiance of his exalted thought. The Teacher drew nigh. “The single flame must light the other forty-nine,” the Great Presiding One affirmed. “So be it,” the Teacher answered. “Having lit his own lamp Hercules now must bring the Light to others.” Not long [...]


There is one figure in ancient mythology who epitomizes the destiny and the meaning of Aquarius. That figure is Prometheus, who stole fire from the gods. His inspiration and his suffering are part of the Aquarian myth. Zeus, King of the Gods, was jealous of he aptitudes and abilities of mortal men. So he withheld [...]


There are two types of Aquarian women. Both share all the basic Aquarian qualities of strength, independence, original thought. One type turns the immense self-discipline and dedication of the sign into a purely personal sphere. The other goes out into the world, to try her muscle in society. Either way, this is no helpless, malleable [...]

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