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ARGO, the constellated ship that gave foundation for the story both of Noah’s Ark and that of the adventurous Argonautic expedition, pictures the third decanate of Cancer. There will be stormy seas in the lives of those born here, but a tranquil mind will prove an adequate bark to carry them to the shores of [...]


HYDRA – the water-serpent – commences as the middle decan of Cancer and extends through the sky all the distance from this home constellation to Scorpio, the constellation of death. Representing the Scorpio, or sex, decanate of the domestic sign, those born under it possess much resource and energy, as well as being strongly emotional. [...]


The first decanate of Cancer is depicted in the sky by a little yapping cur— CANIS MINOR—a mongrel without courage or loyalty. By it the ancient masters sought to convey the thought that those born under this section of the sky are particularly susceptible to domestic intrigue. They have strong emotions and may easily be [...]


Cancerians with Pisces rising are kind-hearted people helpers who emotionally soak up everything around them. They absorb information like a sponge. But you can’t get much out of them. They’re too secretive and cautious! Without even realizing it, they leave others feeling left out. But they fit in wonderfully with self-centered people who want to [...]


A thin-skinned Cancer with an electric “live wire” personality? Now that’s a switch—but it works! Aquarius is the Big Attitude of the zodiac, so attitude is key here! A magnetic, friendly demeanor will work wonders, but a subconscious and unrecognized “will to disagree” can be devastating. If Cancerians born early evening are aware of and [...]


Tradition and practicality is the name of the game here, but these folks are far too serious for my taste! They too easily become the trolls under the bridge with “somebody’s gotta do it” written all over their uninspired faces. A better attitude works wonders! With the cautious sensitivity of Cancer and the calm, cool, [...]


Here come the most delightfully inspiring people on the planet. They’re caring and benevolent, and so optimistically smiley-faced that there’s little evidence of Cancerian caution or apprehension. Oh, it’s there somewhere, but it’s not obvious. Sagittarius is what’s showing here. The willy-nilly, high rolling, Happy-Go-Lucky Sagittarius personality is a wonderful complement to the sensitive, cautious [...]


Ambition, passion, energy, and a “grab the handle, we’re outta here!” gusto characterize these Energizer bunnies. These are highly active, emotionally motivated Cancerians. They’re handy, sexy, and totally focused on whatever they’ve chosen to accomplish, whether in the home or out in the workaday world. But their green-leaf greed and “I’m goin’ broke” insecurities usually [...]


These people start out trying to please everyone, and they stay in everybody’s face! They’re more aware of the people around them than almost any other combination in the zodiac. They’re sociable, obliging, and interested in everyone within earshot. Cancerians born at noontime are ambitious overseers who willingly put in as many hours as necessary [...]


Modest and helpful, with an intelligent wanderlust in their eyes, these people wish the world were perfect and they’ll use every bit of elbow grease they have to make it that way When the industrious, unassuming ego of Cancer combines with Virgo’s helpfulness and productivity, the result is an extremely unassuming, self-motivated worker; these Cancerians [...]


Now here’s a Cancer with a gangbuster personality demanding attention—but always with a sunny disposition. With Leo the Lion at the helm, these are no reticent crabs. They’re courageous and fully ready to make their wishes known, push for what they want, and let the chips fall where they will. A Lordly Leo personality, with [...]


Cancerians with Cancer rising are doubly cautious and subjective, but with a sunny morning time disposition. They’re unusually sentimental people who feel a lump in their throat at the mention of loved ones or memorable days gone by, and they reach out with emotional support to anyone in arm’s length with a broken limb or [...]

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