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You have a sailboat personality; you tack with the wind and tide, shift your ballast, alter the top rigging, and keep in cahoots with the weather conditions as you find them. This makes for progress whether on the high seas or on the sea of life. You are a diplomat and will be found not [...]


You are able to translate your knowledge of yourself into terms of the people around you and, in whatever circle you may move, thus gain considerable prestige for being understanding, sympathetic, and considerate. You have a fine objective intellect, capable of large viewpoints, especially in social matters. This, combined with a critical, scientific, and accurate [...]


You are a good executive, your sensitive nature knowing how to reach out into the world and draw to itself the recognition that is so precious to you. You are a nice blend of the strictly personal, sensitive, protective spirit, and the calculating, shrewd, business man looking out for the main chance: thus you are [...]


Your idealism finds good practical expression. You have translated your very intimate type of ambition into large symbols and set yourself a high goal at which to aim. There’s a wide streak of sentimentality in you. You are something of a hero-worshiper and usually select some individual as your ideal whom you strive to emulate [...]


Your strong personal magnetism and keen sense of dramatic values makes you a person to be reckoned with; wherever you are, people will know you are around for some reason or other, for yours is a personality that attracts attention. In horoscopes of men this will assist you in drama, the arts, or medicine; in [...]


You have a curious combination of independence and dependence, self-sufficiency, and a kind of reaching into the world in search of companionship. You don’t give a great deal of yourself, being sensitive and a trifle introverted; but you like to absorb other people. You have a charm of manner that makes other people respond to [...]


You have come a long way from the child who was sensitive, timid, and afraid of his own shadow; for though you are still sensitive, and to some extent timid, you have rationalized yourself out of these traits and by sheer will-power and mental force taken your place in the world as a person to [...]


You have a great feeling for other people, and you cover up your independence under a cooperative spirit which really isn’t more than skin-deep, for you are deeply an individualist and, if it comes to a showdown, will have your own way and make the world like it. But you know that you catch more [...]


You are tremendously sensitive and self-protective. You have a shell which you crawl into periodically, or permanently, as a defense against the intrusions of the world. In personal matters you are touchy with a keen sense of injury and hurt at real or imagined offenses. Thus you are likely to become suspicious of other people [...]


Sensitivity, flexibility, and adaptability are your strengths – and your weaknesses. You feel the world around you, people, facts, situations, with an almost too-acute sensitiveness. In a man’s horoscope this makes you trusting, eager, anxious to please, susceptible, and teachable; it also makes you a little wavering, a little indecisive, a little too ready to [...]


You are a person of considerable charm and talent, versatile, sensitive, and adaptable, but with a certain core of determination and hard purpose that is very close to your heart. If it weren’t for this you might be called “sweet,” because there are about you a graciousness and ease of manner that endear you to [...]


There’s little that you aren’t capable of intellectually, for you have a quick mind and a remarkable memory. You are sensitive, intuitive, understanding of the feelings of other people, and considerate of them because you know how much consideration means to you. You have a “Do unto others as you would be done by” attitude [...]

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