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The child is now an Adolescent, the soul having evolved to the stage of Cancer, hovering between childhood and maturity, longing to be grown-up, yet hesitating to cross over to the other side. Cancer brings back awareness of the negative feminine and reflective Night Forces. But this second experience of night is blended with a [...]


Pale rays of light tiptoed across the waters; and by and by there was to be heard a sound, at once the most musical and the most melancholy in the world – the mermaids calling to the moon. The Fish and the Crab walk along together, working, playing or conversing to the rhythm of the [...]


This is a difficult question, because it is quite impossible to say how time does wear on in the Neverland, where it is calculated by moons and suns, and there are ever so many more of them than on the mainland. Because the Crab and the Water Bearer are influenced by the 6-8 Sun Sign [...]


They were the most ordinary questions – “What was the colour of Mother’s eyes? Which was taller, Father or Mother? … (A) Write an essay of not less than 40 words on How I spent My Last Holidays, or The Characters of Father and Mother compared .. (1) Describe Mother’s laugh; (2) Describe Father’s laugh; [...]


“Ah, me” one voice said, and another said, “Oh, mournful day.” So here we have the Crab, hard as rock without, soft as butter within. Extremely sensitive. Oh! very, very sensitive. Acutely aware of the slightest shade of meaning, every nuance of every comment, and extremely vulnerable to hurt. And here we have the Archer, [...]


Strangely, it was not in the water that they met .. The Crab and the Scorpion may meet while they’re sunning themselves on a rock somewhere, on a lazy lavender day. They could, of course, meet beneath the briny, but since they are often destined to be drawn together sooner or later, the choice of [...]


I don ‘t know whether any of the children were crying; if so, the singing drowned out the sound …. Cancer and Libra form the squared 4-10 Sun Sign Pattern, through the elements of Water and Air, and like all 4-10 vibrations, theirs is the most interesting and challenging association of all. It’s also the [...]


They found the dinghy, and went home in it … When their voices died away, there came cold silence over the lagoon, and then a feeble cry. “Help, help!” Two small figures were beating against the rock … You may wonder what a Crab might do with a Virgin – besides snapping on occasion, or [...]


” … And I know you meant to be kind … “ The Moon Maiden and the Lion. The Crab and the Lioness. Cancer and Leo. Is that what you call yourselves? You’re making a large mistake. It may seem a small thing, but so is a seed, before it grows into a Sequoia tree. [...]


The little house looked so cosy and safe in the darkness, with a bright light showing through its blinds, and the chimney smoking beautifully. … Did you ever wonder why your parents treated you as they did when you were a child? I mean, do you brood over it a lot? No? Well, Cancerians do, [...]


“Mind you, I am not sure that we have a drawing-room, but we pretend we have, and it’s all the same. Hoop la!” He went off dancing. …. and they all cried “Hoop la!” and danced after him, searching for the drawing-room; and I forget whether they found it, but at any rate they found [...]


I will tell you where they are …. they are already in their home under the ground, a very delightful residence … Cancerian Crabs love their mothers, their homes, money, babies and food. Taurean Bulls love money, their homes and mothers, food and babies. You can see these two Sun Signs are uncommonly alike, except [...]

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