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You are highly aware of your world, especially of the seriousness and sorrows of people. You have an insight into their hearts and lives which seems intuitive. You are a moralist and a humanitarian; you think in terms of the whole mass of society with a real personal feeling for the underprivileged. Through the development [...]


You have a hard determination within you that makes itself felt by others in the world of business or professional affairs and carries you far. A good healthy respect for yourself and your own talents demands the respect of others. You have a great deal of drive and push which carry you up. You are [...]


Early physical handicaps – infantile or youthful bad health – polarize your nature toward success which in middle and later life can become very great. Ambition is powerful, and self-control almost a fetish. Worldliness comes naturally to you, and a passion to impress yourself on the world through an ideal, an idea, or a moral [...]


Wit, fluency and ambition combine to take you a long way. You are a voluble and expressive person with a keen sense of values and discrimination and an ability to make your opinions felt. Thus, in the world of ideas you are likely to be a power, whether that world is narrow and limited or [...]


You have tremendous inner drive and “temperament.” You have been highly independent in your day, with a keen sense of your own importance as an individual; This you never lose; a certain rigid inner pride keeps your self-respect always at a high level. As you grow older, however, a natural social sense asserts itself. You [...]


You have a kind of inspirational faith in your own infallibility which can make you merely an eccentric, a dogmatist, a rigid and inflexible personality, or can carry you to the heights if you combine your self-assurance with the will to action. You are something of a fighter and must overcome a tendency to touchiness [...]


You conceal a large amount of timidity under a rather impressive exterior. The result is that though you may get into positions of authority you are really better off when you are taking orders from someone else. Your best position in life is found somewhere in the middle rank – not as a complete subordinate, [...]


One of the combinations for public authority, a vigorous and vital personality capable of great popularity and of success in the practical world, either through business, the professions, or public life. The strong personality, with its ability to make friends among powerful people and subordinates alike, rises into a position of authority and influence. Your [...]


You are sensitive and have plenty of insight into other people. You are intuitive and introspective, perhaps too introspective for your own good. If this sensitiveness is transferred to practical affairs you will rise as a manager of people, for you have a great deal of appeal to the masses, and can succeed either as [...]


Your ambition finds its best outlet in intellectual, creative, or scientific work. The spirit of investigation is on you, and whether you’re probing the mysteries of nature or of your neighbor’s private life, your curiosity demands satisfaction. Glibness is likely to run away with your abilities, for you are so facile in expression that you [...]


You have a genius for people; you are capable of handling large crowds and eager to do so. Your ambition is based in a shrewd and practical worldliness – you are one of the crowd, and no matter how far above it you may soar, you always give them the comforting impression that you haven’t [...]


Mind-power is your great strength; you know what you want, with an intellectual determination to get there, and no one is going to say you nay. You combine tact with a kind of vigorous invulnerability – a sort of Teddy Roosevelt diplomacy is your stock in trade – the diplomacy of the Big Stick – [...]

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