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Many glass animals on a shelf. Microworlds and macroworlds reflect each other’s light. There are those for whom the microworld becomes the entire focus, reflecting the light of the macrocosm within tiny jewelled moments and personal tie-ins. This results in each and every little thing lighting up with striking significance. But it is far more [...]

Maracas Brazilian Fireworks is a shade-loving plant that will reach 8 to 12 inches in height. The red cone with lavender purple flowers will delight hummingbirds. Consider the variegated silver and green foliage an added benefit. (Photo by Norman Winter/Mississippi State University horticulturist)

A garden planted solely with shade plants. Offered the unique chance to take any given side of self and world to its absolute limit and beyond. Scouting out ahead in whatever direction suits your fancy. Saturated with all the props and accompanying attitudes and gestures of your chosen tangent. Fabulously alive to your fantasy, your [...]


Much food stored in a cool cave. Taking your greatest attributes, tucking them away for safe keeping and going on without them. Daring yourself to operate without the huge advantage of knowing everything ahead of time, and dropping down into the position of moving by primal instincts, each moment naked and following the live track [...]

Carved wall of Buddhist Bedsa caves are 1000 years old. Bedsa, Maharashtra, India

A cave with carved walls. It is an ancient temple. A constant reminder of what exists in other time frames, but is missing from the now. You are secretly living in futures and pasts to an extraordinary extent. What is in there speaks eloquently. The world voices of the now fall on deaf ears. Distracted, [...]


A cave in deep ocean waters. Stunning ways to preserve lost knowledge and lost worlds. The treasure chest is full to bursting. A leavening agent. A corrective to shallow patterns of existence. You are able to be so multidimensional that vastly divergent realities can be lived simultaneously and often are. Care and effort stand behind [...]


A nude man with a tail. Instincts fill the screen of awareness with instantaneous reverberations. You are ready to pick up on whatever comes through magnificently. The skill, the virtuosity is dazzling. Nothing is impossible. There is a space open for worlds to connect. Flooded with impressions. Ecstatic with what you can do. Spilling over [...]


A tunnel created by trees. Intervention by your own greater self within the patterns of the personal story. A vision is granted. A way is shown. Yet to follow it will mean many shatterings. A cosmic future realm–uncompromising and magnificent. Vibrant and cocky. The power of the Crown. The truth that takes you by surprise. [...]


A young girl is sold to a sultan. Cutting deals. Shuffling the personal deck. Being willing to cut out this part and amplify that part of self as the occasion demands. Intensely pragmatic. Taking things as they are and adapting accordingly. Especially prone to neglecting, forsaking, denying for extended cycles huge chunks of yourself. Seeking [...]


Wine casks retrieved from an ancient shipwreck. Having known all along, now finding that you are on the beam, and bringing something starkly craved which you bear a limitless supply of. Myriad complications arise, issues of ego. You are too blatant, too brazen. The tortuous journey of stepping away from gifts and wonders until you [...]


A bull stung by a scorpion. The elaborate ritual of putting yourself through life or death crises to determine what you are made of and how far you are willing to go in this life. Choosing from expanded faculties the optimal situations to enact this battle royale. Selecting what is karmically familiar. Variations on old [...]


Strange creatures peeking out from behind trees. Surprises, destiny shocks, stunning events present a way to evolve rapidly for the daring and the wild. Whatever you assume and prepare for, the moment shall be different. Nothing is meant to be straightforward here. You must be kept on the alert, prompted, beguiled, tricked–anything to help you [...]


A book with blank pages. Renunciation of personal life. Living out beyond. Stripped bare of identities, devoid of context. Defining your realm, not at all. Being supplants doing. Spaciousness follows when all of the stuff empties out. Freedom to unfold in any direction spirit indicates. An astounding quality of celestial detachment from all mental fragments [...]

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