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A huge bear – URSA MAJOR – traveling about the pole-star in a forward direction depicts among the constellations the Aquarius-decanate of Gemini. The bear, whose restless activity and omnivorous nature is typical of mentality, in this case moves as does the objective mind, in the direction of events. And it is huge in size [...]


The second decanate of Gemini is pictured in the sky by a large dog— CANIS MAJOR. This noble looking beast is the emblem of faithfulness, and through its adoration for its master also represents the worshiping and serving of Deity—for to the dog his master is God. Therefore, we find those born under the second [...]


By means of a bear – URSA MINOR – whose restless activity and power suggest that of the mind, the ancients depicted the Mercury-decanate of Gemini. And because the unconscious mind is not so obvious as the objective mind, this bear is small. So too, travels about the sky backward. Thus must one direct his [...]

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