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In the Gemini soul experience, the symbolic Taurus “Baby” enters into the world of the toddler-Child, and feels again, as on the Aries Infancy level, the positive, masculine Day Forces. For the first time, the soul arrives at the stage of the Mutable Communicator, becoming conscious of its own mentality, aware that it is not [...]


When their voices died away, there came a cold silence over the lagoon, and then a feeble cry, “Help, help!” Two small figures were beating against the rock. There’s not much use pretending that Gemini and Pisces are Sun Signs which are naturally as compatible as strawberries and cream, Oliver and Hardy, or Raggedy Ann [...]


The goals are at each end of the rainbow …. Because this is a 5-9 Sun Sign Pattern, and their natal Suns are, therefore, trined, Gemini and Aquarius are ordinarily as cozily compatible as a couple of bugs in a rug or two termites in a totem pole. Now and then, however, depending on other [...]


The roar of it echoed through the mountains, and the echoes seemed to cry savagely, “Where are they, where are they, where are they?” What are these Gemini people trying to do? Where do they stand? Where are they?” cries the honestly puzzled Capricorn, trying to deal with the Twins. “They are nowhere,” answers the [...]


… not three of them, but four! ! Sagittarians aren’t always loud and active, out aiming their bows and arrows to shoot down hypocrisy and falsehood. Some of them are quite timid and introspective, almost owlish, with a decided pacifistic attitude – that is, they are pacifists who sometimes use their fists to put across [...]


All pirates are superstitious; and Cookson cried, “They do say the surest sign a ship’s accurst is when there’s one on board more than can be accounted for. “ The naturally superstitious Scorpio has every right to conjure an extra person around when he (or she) is dealing with a Gemini, born under the sign [...]


Sometimes it was dark and sometimes light, and now they were very cold and again too warm. Two Air Signs are fun to watch, like trapeze artists at the circus. Their mental gymnastics can be both dazzling and dizzying. Air is intangible, invisible, always moving everywhere ….. and nowhere. Since Librans can never make up [...]


Off we skip like the most heartless things in the world, which is what children are, but so attractive …. we have an entirely selfish time; and then when we have need of special attention we nobly return for it, confident that we shall be embraced instead of smacked. The playful Gemini Twins may, indeed, [...]


“Back, twins…” As Gemini calculates the sunny but sometimes insufferable antics of the Lion, the Twins wonder: “Does the big cat actually possess such complete self-assurance? Or could Leo only be trying to prove that the reality is as infallible and fearless as the image?” (a typical Gemini mind trip). As the Lion or Lioness [...]


“Mind you, I am not sure that we have a drawing-room, but we pretend we have, and it’s all the same. Hoop la!” He went off dancing. …. and they all cried “Hoop la!” and danced after him, searching for the drawing-room; and I forget whether they found it, but at any rate they found [...]


They were going round and round the island, but they did not meet because all were going at the same rate. Before we get tied into mental pretzel knots, trying to analyze this 1-1 Sun Sign Pattern association, let’s get the arithmetic straightened out. A Gemini and a Gemini equals a group of four bright, [...]


Without giving a thought to what might be the feelings of a fellow-creature thus abruptly deprived of its closest companion, Peter at once considered how he could turn the catastrophe to his own use …. Taurus men and women are quiet, steady, practical people, who try to mind their own business. On occasion, they can [...]

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