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CORVUS, the Raven, is the constellation picturing the tendencies of people born under the third decanate of Leo. This raven is pictured with wings outspread as if in readiness to fly aloft, but with its feet firmly gripping the back of Hydra, the water-serpent. This symbolizes the emotions that are associated with creative energy, for [...]


In the second, or Jupiter, decanate of Leo the inherent quality of dominant control characteristic of Leo is modified by the subinfluence of the sign of the higher mind, Sagittarius. The philosophical and religious elements are more in evidence, and those born here readily recognize the prevalent weaknesses both in current politics and in current [...]


The first decanate of Leo is pictured among the constellations by CRATER – a furnace, or cup of fire. In this manner did the ancient masters of starry lore portray the fiery love nature of those born under this section of the sky. Their most notable trait is the desire and ability to rule others. [...]


Who would’ve thunk it? Low key Leos with a delicate disposition, and all too willing to surrender the stage just to keep the peace and retain their serenity? The secretiveness of Pisces is an unlikely blend for the showmanship of Leo, and it creates both positive and negative results. The key is allowing showy Leo’s [...]


Watch out for these argumentative stress bags! They tend to be negative. It’s not all logical. It comes from their uptight, unrecognized emotional nature. If you pay close attention, you’ll hear them say “no” to something, and then explain “yes” without a clue as to what they’re doing. So here again, a better awareness can [...]


These people are the folks in charge and the “keepers of the keys.” They have “I can handle it and do what’s expected, plus” written all over their calm, cool, and collected faces and vouched for in their resumes. With Leo’s pride and Capricorn’s unyielding sense of responsibility, a good job well done is all [...]


Now here’s a person that’s fun to be around! They prance around with a sweet smile and a glowing warmth; they dance and sing and put on a really good show, the absolute life of the party. They’re inspired, positive, and tolerant of error. The warm glow of the sunny Leo ego is well-served by [...]


Lighten up! And stop controlling everything! It shows no faith in life. These people take themselves and everything else too seriously. Honestly: If there’s anyone in the zodiac who needs to tone it down, it’s Leo with Scorpio rising! These people are too intense and they push too hard. The combination of Leo and Scorpio [...]


Talk about impressive! These are some people-pleasing winners! Polite Libra makes these Leos extra willing to share themselves and be considerate of others. And they’re wonderful to their closest friends and loved ones. They’ll do anything to keep people happy and entertained. Their mid-morning birth gives them a friendly magnetism, and their Likable Libra personality [...]


These people aren’t easy to identify as Leos. They don’t obviously resemble much of what we’ve talked about as typical. They’re more self-conscious and stay in their own place better. They’ll give you the best seat and not complain. Virgo is the antithesis of confident Leo; these folks check and re-check themselves constantly. Leos born [...]


These people give new meaning to “gangbusters!” They stand out in a crowd, and they love to be noticed. They usually don’t need as much sleep as the rest of us because they’re so robust. As children, they insist they aren’t sleepy at naptime, and they run circles around their playmates. In adolescence they usually [...]


These are the sensitive, competent workaholics of the zodiac. Cancer feels dutiful, while Leo takes pride in a conscientious effort. So these people never need anyone to motivate them. They already feel like it’s their responsibility to make the grass green! To say the least, they’re not too objective. They feel the weight of the [...]

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