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CORVUS, the Raven, is the constellation picturing the tendencies of people born under the third decanate of Leo. This raven is pictured with wings outspread as if in readiness to fly aloft, but with its feet firmly gripping the back of Hydra, the water-serpent. This symbolizes the emotions that are associated with creative energy, for [...]


In the second, or Jupiter, decanate of Leo the inherent quality of dominant control characteristic of Leo is modified by the subinfluence of the sign of the higher mind, Sagittarius. The philosophical and religious elements are more in evidence, and those born here readily recognize the prevalent weaknesses both in current politics and in current [...]


The first decanate of Leo is pictured among the constellations by CRATER – a furnace, or cup of fire. In this manner did the ancient masters of starry lore portray the fiery love nature of those born under this section of the sky. Their most notable trait is the desire and ability to rule others. [...]

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