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You know when to fight and when to run away. A combination of aggression and recession, accurately timed to suit the needs of the world, brings you success. You are no coward in any sense of the word; but you understand the value of material expediency, though in moral issues you will not give an [...]


Creative imagination is your forte – what you imagine in the abstract you put into practice, either in art, letters, or mechanical creation, for this is a versatile position with a touch of the inspired. You are romantic, idealistic, and broad-minded. You are loyal in love and loyal to your ideals; and in the highest [...]


Your great energies are harnessed to a definite and well-controlled purpose. Your ardent nature is directed away from personal matters toward ambition of some very definite sort. You know what you want early in life, and you see to it that nothing, and nobody, gets in your way. You can appear passionate and ardent in [...]


You are daring, courageous, adventurous, dashing. Your vitality and pace take the world by storm; you were undoubtedly a precocious child, and you always seem to be a couple of jumps ahead of yourself emotionally – and maybe also geographically. This position gives a passion for travel, variety, novelty, and excitement, which in a man [...]


Your animal nature is strong. you have a strong vigorous body, and your temperament is shot through with good healthy animal vitality which can burst forth in temper, temperament, hate, anger, passion – or can be controlled and directed to make you a truly great person. You are probably well aware of the duality of [...]


You are an independent, idealistic, and romantic person. Your idealism amounts to an almost visionary quality and, coupled with a keen imagination, enables you to be in the forefront of your times or your circle. You have a warm-hearted almost sentimental approach to the world which endears you to it. You are highly honorable and [...]


You find ready expression for your strong opinions and emotions, chiefly through the written and spoken word. A tendency to be a man of action breaks down under a lack of true executive capacity. Some flaw in your administrative talents will drive you to seek the influence you crave through intellectual means, in which you [...]


You are deeply ambitious, concentrative, and forceful, with a drive toward success that is likely to land you where you want to be. There is a hard streak in your nature that may not be apparent on the surface, which appears jovial, sunny, and full of health, vitality, and good spirits. But a certain ruthlessness [...]


You are a well integrated person with an instinctive knowledge of how to make yourself live up to the best that is in you. You are intense, sensitive, and have sound common sense, so that your powers of organization and management or of artistic creation, find good, practical expression. You are devoted to your home [...]


You are a person of both action and ideas. Both rationalistic and sentimental, emotional and vigorous, you eventually get your mind and your physical energies working in unison and go far. Emotional flexibility hampers your progress at the beginning of your life. You cast about for an anchor in books, in thought, in ideology of [...]


You are a strong and visionary person, seeing things in the large, with a big amount of practical idealism and hard-headedness that makes you successful in business undertakings that require foresight, courage, and executive capacity. No one ever is in doubt about where you stand, and though you are liable to errors of judgment, you [...]


This is a position of exceptional courage. Your life develops rapidly, for there is nothing in the world you are afraid of, and your intense emotional and physical drive carries you into new adventure, new love, new experience very early in life. In a man’s horoscope this is the sign of a a strong leader, [...]

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