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The last decanate of Libra is not less given to contact with people than the other two. Neither is the mind less keen. In fact, it is often superior, especially where literature and art are concerned. But as it is the decanate in the sign of partnership and open enemies next to the sign of [...]


The Aquarius decanate of Libra differs somewhat from the other decanates of this sign in the strong tendency to express individuality. Being under the sub-influence of Uranus, it partakes of the Uranian quality of originality and sometimes even eccentricity. It is pictured among the constellations by DRACO — the Dragon — which winds its length [...]


The first decanate of Libra is pictured among the constellations by SERPENS – the Serpent. This is the snake that sacred tradition asserts tempted Eve to her downfall. The serpent has been used from ancient times, however, not only as a symbol of creative energy, but also of cunning. In worldly matters those native to [...]


Peaceful, gracious, and fascinating is the name of the game here! These folks are good listeners with more to add than you might think. They’re so prone to continually acquiesce to the people around them that you might never find out what they were going to say. These are among the most empathetic people on [...]


Friendly, intuitive Aquarius fits wonderfully with a Likable Libra ego, to produce the best people skills in the zodiac. These people experience plugged-in, accurate first impressions that guide their judgment and endear them to their peers. And they love to share their humor! Without even realizing it, their high-strung behavior sometimes leads to actions that [...]


Now here come “the benevolent manipulators,” who never raise their voice, and keep everyone happy and cooperating. These Librans are generally able to manipulate circumstances in such a way that everyone ends up satisfied. They return to work day after day, feeling good about their contribution. And never are these management skills more pronounced than [...]


These people have that good feeling of well-being. They’re the most delightful, well-acquainted social butterflies in the zodiac. With a Pollyanna outlook and a spring in their step, Librans with Happy-Go-Lucky Sagittarius rising tend to be all-around happy people whose toothy smiles and winning ways spread inspiration wherever they go. They’re obliging and a joy [...]


Here comes sociable Libra with a mysterious, sexy, “no time to waste” personality. With Scorpio rising, likable, polite Librans benefit from a full-of-gusto, “do it now and think about it later” personality that makes them handy and energetically helpful. They warm up to strangers gradually, but they’re amazingly devoted to the people who mean the [...]


Need someone to do a job for you? These are the people to ask: They can give you a list of competent people. Great referrals and recommendations are in their bailiwick. They’re usually so well-connected they seem to always know just the right person for any occasion. And do Likable Librans born around dawn ever [...]


Librans born pre-dawn have a modest, unassuming, but rock-solid dignity about them and a determined focus that’s second to none. They’ve more fixity than Librans born other times of day They’re not very willing to take a back seat, even though their modest Virgo personality implies that they might. As is true with all pre-dawn [...]


With an attention-getting and sometimes striking appearance and an “I can handle it” attitude, these people might be quite noticeable in a crowd. And even when they don’t immediately stand out, their robust behavior grabs people’s attention sooner or later. The generosity of a Lordly Leo personality is a great attribute for generating that “I [...]


Here’s the obliging nurturer of the zodiac. At their best, these people are wonderfully willing workers, polite and productive, naturally inclined toward rewarding and lucrative careers or ventures involving real estate. They’re effective managers whose mothering instincts motivate and equip them to attend to the needs of their employees without patronizing or belittling them. They’re [...]

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