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A black rooster. Proclaiming the gospel of the complex interplay of light and darkness. Invoking the power of the soul’s journey through all of the worlds. Poised at the brink of every conceivable possibility. But lingering over the darkness–that which is not yet complete, that which still must be encompassed. Motivated sharply to affirm and [...]


Servants giving a woman a bath. Instinctively drawn to be where everything is happening in order to give and receive invaluable energies, feelings, and messages. The outstanding destiny of one who contacts the source of greater cycles and movements, you have your finger on the pulse of epochal change. Offering freely what you have gathered [...]


A single white swan swimming through gray mist. Different and the same. Distinguished by vertical composure, yet intended to stay down under. A special destiny-task, a mission, an assignment. Taught to blend in and become each world passed through, yet remaining incorrigibly other. Excellent at taking up required roles and ways of life and finding [...]


A black leopard beneath a full moon. Pursuing what is desired and nothing else. Probing, waiting, stalking, strategically watching for openings. One-pointedly intent upon grabbing and holding what you lost somewhere and must find again. Going for reminders, facsimiles, totems. Hungry for proof that it is there, that it is possible. Alone forever. You are [...]


A gypsy cart with a campfire nearby. Magical ways of life are just about gone and are returning from a completely different side. The instinctual attunement to nature and to God is being trampled under. But the reclaimed, more advanced instincts, after individuality had gone as far as it could go, are becoming the conscience [...]

In the midst of the forest, surronded by trees

In the midst of a forest, a great circular open area. In Celtic lands, steeped in a power beyond the world, there were openings always into other times and places, from within this time and place. Discovering once again these passages, and sending an expanded part of your self to explore and inhabit all of [...]


A chameleon with moving pictures appearing on its back. Blown by the wind. Shifted by every current. Absolutely adaptable. You can become anything on demand–compelled to cover up, to externalize, to be what others wish. Instantaneously given over before you can stop it. An immense gift and a special curse. The gift is to open [...]


A tremendous boulder hovering over the ocean. Collective cycles are everything here. You are caught between worlds, part of many, belonging to none. Changes are imminent. The air is buzzing with future currents. No rest, no quiet, no continuity. You verge on astounding things; held poised at the edge. You feel propelled by destiny to [...]


An ancient glass vial perfectly preserved. Soul-memory. Intensively held to ancient faculties. A stunning quality of still feeling the way people felt a very long time ago. A super-sensitivity hidden and protected, disguised and played off of. Underneath being vastly in tune with realms of existence, places, and times that to others are remote but [...]


A magician wearing a live snake for a belt. A mobius strip of yes into no into yes. Yes is primally the eager embrace of sense-life in a rapture of release. The No is not being able to handle, even remotely, the social repercussions of being viscerally empowered. The further Yes is at last being [...]


A man with a single horn coming out of his forehead. When the multisensory faculties are fully in place, worlds open, time stretches, the wonder is born. There had been something missing, something vital forgotten. You are called up to make the difference. Living on the threshold. More magical than can be thought or kept [...]


Young boys picking and eating cherries off a tree. Humoring the little self, playing along with it, encouraging it to do its worst. Humorously looking on from a great distance and letting everything go by the paradoxical strategy of giving the little one free rein and by not opposing their pulling through the dramas of [...]

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