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Your reserve and shyness are your strengths, for in solitude and timidity you build up strength and inner poise which, when expressed in the world, lends your personality a peculiar charm that comes from your reserve. You are sociable, capable of wide popularity, yet, however charming and gracious you may be, people sense that you [...]


You are a romantic of the romantics. Affection and love are not only physical needs but assume the proportion of a philosophy, a creed, a coat of arms. You radiate, with a sort of fragile and glamorous appeal that makes you popular with the other sex, and though there is nothing abstract or theoretic about [...]


You are purposeful. you know what you want, and one way or another you’re likely to get it. You have tact and a gift for managing people that usually puts you out in front, whatever your scope or circle may be. Under any circumstances you are a highly reckonable person, socially competent, and able to [...]


This is an idealistic, aspiring, adventurous, and romantic position and may take the form of high-minded climbing the ladder of success, or of mere adventuresomeness and romance. You have an ability to see things in the large and to judge the future by the present and the past, which lends an almost prophetic quality to [...]


Independence of mind and action, thought and expression, are the outstanding traits of your nature. You are quick mentally, with a penetrating and absorbing curiosity, so that you are a ready student, precocious and facile. You make rapid strides in the world and are stamped with a keen ambition the following of which is an [...]


You are romantic with a sort of mystic faith in other people and the power of others to help you, that may meet with scant justification in the world as you find it. Sensitive, daydreaming, you are likely to be hurt by the impact of romance, and by the worldliness of other people which will [...]


Your intellectual qualities are likely to absorb a good deal of the warmth of your nature, for you are a self-sufflcient person. You reason things out and are not likely to be swept off your feet by anything emotional that doesn’t fit your needs. You are affectionate, love attention, and quickly learn that you can’t [...]


This is one of the romantic positions whether the romanticism takes the form of poetry and art, or whether it simply makes you susceptible to romance in its less constructive form. Some quality of romantic temperament and artistic ability will attach to you in any case. Your ideals are your guiding stars, and you will [...]


You are exceedingly adaptable and able to take on the color of your surroundings, much to your advantage in the business and social worlds. Your adaptability, coupled with quickness of perception, endears you to people of importance and makes your rise rapid and even spectacular. Your are sensitive, intellectually as well as emotionally, and feel [...]


You have a magnetic personality, voluble, expressive, talkative, with an ability to hold audiences. You live up to the limit of your capabilities, all your talents finding expression, and you give the impression of doing things so easily that people imagine they see great deep wells under the surface of your facility. You have a [...]


You are a charming person, with plenty of independence and purpose that you know how to put across in a way that makes people like you. Your personality is your greatest asset; it’s made up, among other things, of a liberal dose of sentimentality that makes a powerful appeal to the opposite sex. You need [...]


You are likely to appear a good deal more daring and aggressive than you really are, for you are a fundamentally gentle soul who wants chiefly to be let alone. All you really ask of the world is that it should forget about you and let you go your own way in peace; for you [...]

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