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There was once a Libran designer who was brought to the west coast to do the costumes for a big movie, and he sat in his suite in a posh Beverly Hills hotel for six full weeks without making a single sketch. It wasn’t because he lacked ideas. He was overflowing with them. It was [...]


“Unimportant, of course, I meant,” the King hastily said, and went on to himself in an undertone, “Important-unimportant-unimportant-important- as if he were trying which word sounded best.” If you’re a man, you probably think your Libra boss if one heck of a regular guy, fair and square, always on the level. If you’re a woman, [...]


Libra Rising – General Your soul function involves establishing balance, and harmony in your world, and an awareness of beauty, of relationship, of style, and how things fit or blend together. Reconciling opposites and finding “the middle way” is your path, and the fine arts of compromise, negotiations and cooperation are key elements. You are [...]


In some ways your persona is the balance of an object at rest. Metaphysically you appreciate the space between activities, so your persona reflects that kind of calm. This contemplative expression indicates that you can achieve a balance between your physical life and your soul life. As you learn to work with duality in a [...]


 You are a natural diplomat, reasonable, tolerant, fair, always willing to listen to varying viewpoints, and ready to see the other side of an issue. Even if you strongly disagree with someone, you will try to find points of similarity and agreement rather than emphasizing the differences. You often avoid taking an extreme or one-sided [...]


Libra represents the period of the autumnal equinox, when day and night are equal. After this equinox, the nights grow longer until we reach the winter solstice (symbolically 0 degrees Capricorn), which is the longest night of the year. Thus Libra stands for equality, but as we can see from the glyph ~ the Sun [...]


You may remember, in your deeper meditations and dreams, experiences from long ago when you were among great artists, sculptors, poets, and craftsmen of ancient India as well as the more recent leaders of prosperous, classical Greece. Even later day Venice, Florence and other Italian cities developed some of this love of culture, beauty and [...]


With all that Good, True and Beautiful stuff going on, you might expect Libra’s shadowy side to be Bad, False and Ugly. Actually, the Libran shadow is a little subtler than that. We might call it the Coy Maiden syndrome. Shades of it can be found in the figure of Scarlett O’Hara in Gone With [...]


The first comment that people give when they see a Libra child is something like, “Such a cute baby”. His sweet expression, chubby cheeks and captivating smile are sure to win hearts of nearly all the people around him. He also seems very calm and composed and you will seldom find him screaming without a [...]


The great Presiding One, within the Council Chamber of the Lord, pondered the nature of the son of man who is likewise a son of God. He thought on what was needed to make him still more like unto his Father. “Another labour must be carried out. Balance he needs, and judgment sound, and preparation [...]


There are lots of myths and fairy tales about marriage and its problems, and all these have some bearing on Libra. But there is a Greek myth which can help us get some insight into what Libra’s real life journey is about. The Greek myth of Tiresias, the blind prophet, also has some relation to [...]


With the curious magic of polarities that occurs in this sign, the Libra woman, although she shares in common with the Libran man the love of beauty and style and elegance, often has a mind like a steel trap. This lady is not the vague, fluffy bundle of fur and giggles that will stare open-mouthed [...]

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