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Pisceans with Peaceful Pisces rising are extra soft-hearted, whimsical, and kind, and they’re sometimes fascinating and glamorous. They’ve an obviously delicate quality about them, and they draw people to them with their empathy. They mean to be helpful, but when faced with people who are just too emotionally needy, they feel the pain so keenly [...]


Imagination teams up with ingenuity! What a deal! With Aquarius’ original approach to everything and the Piscean eye for illusion, these people can conceive of the most wondrous things, from a glamorous painting on the wall to the most beautiful crescendo you’ve ever heard. Cosmic Pisces and galactic Aquarius aren’t so encumbered by earth and [...]


Here comes the “keeper of the keys.” These people are always in favor with the boss because they do what’s expected plus, with an “I hope I can do everything right and keep everything peaceful” Pisces attitude. They’re among the most dependable and silently helpful folks on the planet. With a calm, cool, collected Capricorn [...]


If any sun sign/rising sign combination was born with a ticket to ride it’s Pisces with Sagittarius rising. An exuberant, Happy-Go-Lucky Sagittarius personality brings Pisces out into the open and fuels the confidence of these wonderfully sharing and caring, Florence Nightingale types. These people are kind-hearted good listeners with winning ways; they’ve an “it’s okay, [...]


It’s anybody’s guess where these people are coming from. All you can do is look for warmth in their eyes and watch their behavior—and there’s apt to be lots of behavior to watch! Scorpio’s “full of gusto” is alive and well here, so these Pisceans are tremendously active and big contributors to boot. Scorpio’s intensity [...]


Well, let’s create some harmony and some win-win situations for everyone! These exceptionally kind, considerate people strive to be productive, care for living things, and help others realize equitable solutions. They’re superb at striking a happy medium and keeping everyone satisfied. After all, Pisces is the best listener in the zodiac, and Likable Libra wants [...]


For a helping hand or a shoulder to cry on, these gentle hearts are the people to call. But there’s a firm lesson in life for these kindly Pisceans born around sundown. They’re so prone to the universal love principle of Pisces that they often sell themselves down the river, ending up with less than [...]


Now here’s a wild imagination teamed up with an ability to leave big impressions. And when an artistic Pisces ego teams with theatrical Leo the actor nsing—you get people who love drama! They’re masterful at creating an image and presenting it in the most impressive ways. And they’re adept at selling themselves and their concepts. [...]


So much depends on how wisely objective these people are about themselves and their circumstances. There’s a lot of totally subjective watery emotion here that can quickly turn in on itself, so if they’re unable to stand off and see themselves in context they’re apt to be too influenced by the opinions of others. Pisceans [...]


A peaceful, “don’t rock the boat” Pisces with a chatty, “icing on the cake” personality and a willingness to take charge and give direction—now that’s a special set of characteristics! Most take-charge types are more intimidating than these folks, but here there’s a craving for open dialogue with everyone, whether it’s their underlings or the [...]


Sturdy Taurus’ steady-as-you-go practicality and good taste are a fine complement to delicate Pisces’ idealism. Taurus, the Banker, brings quality, focus, and determination to Pisceans’ wondrous ways. Plus, their mid-morning birth gives these folks a vision for tomorrow, so with Pisces’ vivid imagination and Taurus’ focus there’s an ability to set goals and accomplish them. [...]


Now here’s a delicate person with a childlike charm. Attractive and absolutely fascinating, these Pisceans just can’t go unnoticed, although they might prefer to. Drawing attention and attracting a crowd is rarely Pisces’ ultimate objective. And if there’s too much heat and intensity, these people are apt to disappear like a beautiful tropical fish, darting [...]

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