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You are an unusual person, interested in unusual and out-of-the-way studies, people, ideas – and a good deal interested in yourself. You are highly introspective, with the result that the outer world seems an odd, if not completely insane, place to you and most people either crazy, stupid, or full of weird notions. Did it [...]


You are a humanitarian, believing in people in the large, and likely to be at home in adventures of reform, social service, public duty, religion, and the like. If you go into public life it is as the devoted public servant rather than as the careerist. The missionary spirit is strong in you; you believe [...]


You are worldly wise, and you combine with your sensitiveness and perceptivity a large amount of concentrated driving power which impels you to worldly success. You are conscious of large values, philosophic and abstract concepts, but they are significant to you chiefly in terms of what use the world can make of them and what [...]


You are a progressive thinker, in the forefront of the thought of your times and possibly ahead of it. Through vision, foresight, and expressiveness you can be a large influence on those around you; you think in large, broad terms, in either scientific or social matters. You think so naturally in abstractions and generalities that, [...]


You are a keen person, perceptive, intuitive, with a razor-like swiftness of thought and an ability to put things together in strange and unusual combinations. Your sense of humor is extraordinary, and you can see the whimsical, the humorous, the ridiculous, or the pathetic in your fellow creatures – and in yourself. Fundamentally a serious [...]


Your aesthetic qualities are strongly marked; you strive for self-expression through the arts or through religion or philosophy. Whatever you go in for, you have a sort of consecrated and devotional attitude toward it. You are strongly sensuous, and you give whatever you touch a romantic and idealistic glamour. Appeal to the emotions rather than [...]


You are able to put your intuitions over and to bring them to bear logically on your life. You are a good judge of people, with an absolute determination of the correctness of your judgments. Once you are determined about the inner worth of an individual, nothing he can do, however erratic or unreasonable or [...]


You are a somewhat contradictory person, alternately aggressive and reticent, and at all times overcoming a fundamental timidity which your rather expansive personality belies if one doesn’t look below the surface. You have private fears, forebodings, and worries that do not find expression in your apparently fearless and competent manner. There are deep wells of [...]


You are a dramatist, and the play you are most interested in is the drama of You. You are sensitive, alert to the opinion and feelings of the world around you and, through a sort of sixth sense, able to give the public what it wants almost before it knows it wants it. You are [...]


Alternate flexibility and stubbornness, both badly timed, cause you trouble. You will yield when you should be firm and stand your ground when the part of good sense is to give way. This is a result of a fundamental lack of self-confidence, which your extremely voluble and expressive nature belies. You can talk readily and [...]


You are an extremely sociable person with much social tact. You are sensitive almost to a fault, but you make up for this with an equally acute sense of the other person’s feelings and wishes, which you’ll go out of your way to avoid hurting. You are thus very easy to get along with, tractable [...]


You have a judicial type of mind, aware, alert, and intuitive, relating knowledge, life, principles and ideals strictly to yourself, and then allowing your concepts to take in general principles. You are naturally reserved, although a vitality of manner makes you appear less so than you really are. Behind the expansiveness of approach you have [...]

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