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Emerging from the long night of Scorpio meditation, the evolving soul turns again with hope toward the positive masculine Day Forces, as it bridges autumn and winter through the Sagittarius consciousness. Now it experiences for the third time the vibrations of the Mutable Communicator, and answers for the last time to the impulsive element of [...]


…the night was peppered with stars …. they were crowding round the house, as if curious to see what was to take place there ….. As you may have already surmised from the title, this is one of those “challenging” (is that the tactful word? ) 4-10 Sun Sign Pattern associations. The natal Suns of [...]


… sitting on stools, flinging balls in the air, pushing each other, going out for walks and coming back … The Centaur and the Water Bearer dance to the lively drum beat of the friendly and karmic 3-11 Big Band Sound (Sun Sign Pattern). They vibrate together sometimes noisily, a little strangely, but excitingly, as [...]


…but truth is best, and I want to tell only what really happened. Well, not only could they not understand each other, but they forgot their manners. Sagittarians are droll creatures, sometimes clownish and amusing, sometimes sad and longing. Goats are sensible and sure footed, two knacks the Archers hanker to acquire, since Sagittarians are [...]


There was a fixed rule that they must never hit back at meals …. . . . . . and they would all go chasing each other gaily for miles, parting at last with mutual expressions of good-will. Let’s hope we all part with Sagittarian “mutual expressions of good will” at the close of this [...]


All are keeping a sharp look-out in front, but none suspects that the danger may be creeping up from behind. Everything about Sagittarius is always open, friendly and direct. Everything about Scorpio is sometimes open, friendly and direct – on the surface. Don’t challenge astrology, please. (Do you hear the noise of all those Archers [...]


To describe them all would require a book as large as an English-Latin, Latin-English Dictionary … Librans and Sagittarians are sometimes difficult to untangle, especially in bunches. Their astrological passport descriptions can now and then vary as much as those of Gemini and Pisces, since all four Sun Signs are what astrology calls “double signs” [...]


” ….. what’s that in the brushwood?” “It’s a wolf, with her whelps. “ …. just the sort of idea a dog would have. Since Virgo is an Earth Sign, you’d think the Virgins would know all about every single thing connected with the Earth, the way they know all about nearly everything else. Well, [...]


When playing Follow my Leader … Leo is a Fixed Sign. Sagittarius is a Mutable. Since neither of them was born under a Cardinal Sign of leadership, you’d think they’d sooner or later realize there can never be a permanent winner between them in the competitive game of which one shall lead – which one [...]


“Ah, me” one voice said, and another said, “Oh, mournful day.” So here we have the Crab, hard as rock without, soft as butter within. Extremely sensitive. Oh! very, very sensitive. Acutely aware of the slightest shade of meaning, every nuance of every comment, and extremely vulnerable to hurt. And here we have the Archer, [...]


… not three of them, but four! ! Sagittarians aren’t always loud and active, out aiming their bows and arrows to shoot down hypocrisy and falsehood. Some of them are quite timid and introspective, almost owlish, with a decided pacifistic attitude – that is, they are pacifists who sometimes use their fists to put across [...]


….. for the procession must continue indefinitely until one of the parties stops or changes its pace. The Bulls will in no way change their slow, steady pace, so it’s up to Sagittarius to stop running for a spell, now and then, if these two are ever going to settle down, and cash in on [...]

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