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If forgiveness is heavenly and leads to earthly peace, then freedom-loving Sagittarius with delicate, kind-hearted, and whimsical Pisces rising is a good match. This is the winning disposition tempered by the peace-making “cosmic traveler.” Pisces is delicate, gentle, and devoted to caring for living things—the Florence Nightingale of the zodiac. And with a happy-go-lucky Sagittarius [...]


Here comes the Pied Piper with a friendly, magnetic “Gee! I kinda like that guy!” personality. These people are inherently able to put their best foot forward. Their grinnin’ and grippin’ skills always elicit a positive response. How do you argue with a winning attitude that makes you feel like you’re part of the team? [...]


These people are truly double-edged swords! Sagittarius is sweet and positive, but if they’re not careful, Capricorn can be sour and negative. Taking care of business comes easily here, but keeping a positive outlook while giving the devil his due is essential. If these people are heavenly kind in their attitude and earthly wise in [...]


Even when they’re big and round with a Jolly Old King Cole demeanor, these people trot on the balls of their feet! It’s nearly impossible for these “saddle up” folks to hold their horses, even when they hear a chorus of “whoa, Nelly!” from the peanut gallery. Anyone who’s willing to love these Sagittarius smiley [...]


A Sagittarius ego fueled by Scorpio’s grab-the-handle, get-up-and-go gusto is fully stoked! These folks are a full-throttle blast—if you can keep up! There’s never any time to waste: An endless list of things to do, places to go, and people to see keeps them hopping. And if they’ve Sagittarius’ good judgment and Scorpio’s insight, their [...]


There’s rarely a better mix than the politician and the diplomat! These people have an obliging concern and limitless energy that are cornerstones to their character. They’re people-pleasing sweethearts who’ll openly share what’s on their mind—or if someone else wants to pose a topic, that’s fine, too! Likable Libra’s obliging consideration for others tends to [...]


Now here are some low-key, “Oh, something’s on my mind” Sagittarians. Or did you not know they exist? A modest, helpful Virgo personality is a good complement to a sweet, optimistic, forgiving—but sometimes high-handed-Sagittarius ego. One reason is that Virgo’s modesty tempers Sagittarians’ easily inflated opinion of themselves. These Sagittarians are usually held in high [...]


Now this can be a severe case of overkill! These people rush in where angels fear to tread. Though their striking appearance, robust behavior, and obvious enthusiasm are always noticed, and they have a “good time Charlie” presence, people nonetheless wish sometimes that these Sagittarians would just tone it down and cool their jets. They’re [...]


Sagittarius’ downwind perceptiveness blends terrifically with Cautious Cancer’s feel-your-way-along. These folks have a graceful gentility about them that’s simply awesome, and an uncanny ability to merge their perceived understanding with their subconscious “women’s intuition” to come up with the most helpful insights about people and things. And there are other Sagittarius qualities that blend well [...]


Sweet, optimistic Sagittarius, born at obliging, “I don’t wanna be alone” dinnertime, with an “icing on the cake” Jitterbug Gemini personality. What’s not to like here? These are among the most pleasant, “people pleasing” individuals on the planet. They’re always aware of how they’re being received and are magicians at adjusting themselves to whatever situation [...]


Here’s the winning “We’ll do better next time” attitude of Sagittarius with some sensible “stop, look, and listen.” Taurus, the Banker’s, patience is a good complement to impetuous Sagittarius, while Sagittarius’ “tomorrow’s another day” attitude brings an invigorating optimism to Taurus’ stick-in-the-mud pouty face. The Taurus personality becomes less intense, and Sagittarius becomes more down-to-earth. [...]


Happy-Go-Lucky Sagittarius with a bright eyed, bushy tailed Aries personality: the two brightest smiles in the zodiac! There’s apt to be a charming physical appearance here and a trustworthy childlike honesty. What’s not to like about a forthright, nothing to hide, “show and tell” attitude? Sagittarius with Action Aries rising usually creates an interest in [...]

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