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You are a philosopher. whatever your walk in life may be, it is the broad general idea that counts with you. You lead an inner life of your own, of ideas and ideals, that may not find expression in the world of affairs, but which gives you a grip on broad realities. You aren’t practical [...]


You are independent, idealistic, romantic, and expressive. You don’t keep much to yourself and can range from being a profound mental influence on those you meet to being a mere chatterbox. You have ideals and principles which will mean a good deal to you, and you’ll fight for them, for you have great moral courage, [...]


You are a vigorous thinker, capable of rising to some position of importance through the strength and originality of your mind and expression. You have a considerable sense of humor, which, whether it is actively working or not, still lends charm and lift to what you say. You have an active social sense and know [...]


Nervous energy is your strength – and your weakness. Relaxation is your need. You have a philosophical mind, jumping from the particular to the general as if by second nature, and seeing things, people, problems, in large, rather than specific, terms. The devotional motif is strong in your nature, and you tend to ritualistic acceptance [...]


You have a good deal of temperament and independence because of which your life develops rapidly. You step out for yourself and insist that your self-reliance be given a chance. You know what you want all your life and one way or another, contrive to get it. You have a subtle and philosophic outlook on [...]


You are an exceedingly active person with broad, expansive ideas and schemes that have to be brought down to reality. With any encouragement at all you’ll go off the deep end and take your soundings later, if at all. You are independent, active, courageous, and you tend to believe in your luck. You are social, [...]


This is a combination for intellectual power, the capacity to bring generalizations down to details and to view details in their relationship with broad concepts. Thus you are a thinker and tend in your thought to be philosophically practical. You are a realist without being hard-boiled; a romanticist without being impractical. You will do best [...]


Honor is your god; all your energies, your ambitions, your strong love-nature are based and rooted in your concept of honor. Through energy, definite aims, and integrity, you are likely to go far and win wide admiration, respect, and dignity. You take life seriously, with a keen sense of the importance of making the most [...]


This is a highly intuitive, poetic, and sensitive position with an adapt ability that makes it possible for you to use your abilities in almost any field that you want to. Whether you select a business, professional, or artistic career, you are likely to master and understand it. You are capable of broad abstractions of [...]


You are an adventurous soul and, in both romantic and geographical mobility, will range the world pretty thoroughly before you are through. You are lucky financially, and money comes in to you readily so that you’re protected from want. You aren’t very much concerned with security – probably because you’ve always had it – but [...]


You are genial, courteous, idealistic, and romantic. You have a good practical understanding of the world but don’t tend to get into action with it. You are philosophic and capable of abstract thinking – so much so that you are capable of letting your ideology absorb your practical purposes. You will do best in some [...]


You are a pioneer – fearless, philosophic, dynamic, anxious and able to control others and, despite large personal ambition and vanity, capable of working for the common good – so long as you can be in the foreground. You are interested in the underdog and can see the other fellow’s viewpoint at the same time [...]

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