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Lots of employees, when you tell them how much money they can make after a year with the firm, plus the financial incentives after five years’ service, show a great deal of interest. Your Sagittarius employee will not. He’s far more fascinated by what you’re going to pay him now-today. Tomorrow is far enough away, [...]


The first week on the job with a Sagittarius boss may leave you a little confused. You won’t know whether to laugh or cry. The gentleman obviously is a dope. Or is he a genius? No, he’s neither-he’s clearly just a rude boor. At second glance, he has a touch of Don Quixote. But that [...]


Sagittarius Rising – General Faith, belief and the ability to foresee and envision the future or “what could be” are essential elements of your soul function. You may well be ahead of your time or at the fore front of coming trends and movements in the collective. You are a seeker, one who searches for [...]


You are driven by especially human motivations as you pursue your spiritual life. Your rising sign, Sagittarius, governs the hips and thighs. It is the arrangement of these parts of the body that allows humans to stand upright and walk. Translate this metaphorically to your spiritual life – upright thinking and attention to your spiritual [...]


High-spirited, enthusiastic, and exuberant, you love adventure, change, exploring new territory, and are not happy confined to the same safe, familiar, secure little world all the time. You have a strong restlessness and yearning for something greater than anything you’ve yet experienced, and you often live in your dreams and visions for the future. You [...]


The Archer is a fiery-mutable sign and is thus a fount of tremendous activity. It is represented by the immortal Centaur, and individuals born under its rays are endowed with the creative, higher mental attributes of Man as well as the physical power of the horse to carry out and build upon Man’s’ ideas. The [...]


Great expanses of space, including the seemingly endless expanse of oceans, are likely to call to you, Steven, and in them you probably find some of your most quieting and comforting experiences. In your past lives, then, under circumstances when great expanses and very broad spaces brought you the most insightful and contemplative experiences of [...]


Sagittarius, too, has his dark side. There are a couple of typical manifestations of it. One of them we might call the Groupie. The scenario goes something like this: FRIEND TO SAGITTARIAN: I hear you’ve been away on holiday. Did you go anywhere interesting? SAGITTARIUS: Oh, Cannes, naturally, I just had to be there while [...]


A Sagittarius child will be very friendly from a very tender age itself. You will see him waving at people enthusiastically, wishing that they would love him for what he is. His small little heart will break from disappointment if someone doesn’t wave back. He will be like a small clown, who is jovial, pleasant [...]


Killing the Stymphalian Birds Within the place of peace the Teacher stood, and spoke to Hercules. “O son of God who art also a son of man,” the Teacher said, “the time has come to tread another way. At Gate the ninth you stand. Pass through and find the marsh of Stymphalus where dwell the [...]


We’ve already talked quite a bit about Jupiter. Now let’s look at one of the myths connected with the centaur itself, because this gives us a key to the deeper meaning of Sagittarius. The most famous centaur in ancient mythology was the centaur Chiron. He was a sort of King of Centaurs, half man and [...]


There are women adventurers, too. Not all explorers, mountain-climbers, and world travelers are male Sagittarius. And the true female archer is as restless, as hungry for experience, as longing to explore the fascinating carnival that she sees in life as her male counterpart. This woman needs personal freedom to an extraordinary degree, and she’s not [...]

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