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As it enters its second experience in the Water element, the now mature soul welcomes the chance for meditation through a return of the negative feminine Night Forces of the Scorpio consciousness. On a public level, Scorpio is enor-mously capable of executing the now very familiar duties as a Fixed Organizer. On a personal level, [...]


The most haunting time at which to see them is at the turn of the moon, when they utter strange wailing cries; but the lagoon is dangerous for mortals then …. If there were ever creatures more fey than these, who live in a world more ephemeral and haunted with the unspoken than the Fish [...]


… they are very wild and difficult of approach. Yes, they are. Both of them. And so, at the outset, I’ll say that I am not going to take sides with either of these squared Sun Signs of the 4-10 vibrational pattern. Throughout this chapter, I intend to remain in the middle, neutral, like Canada [...]


They left nothing undone that was consistent with the reputation of their tribe. Neither Scorpio nor Capricorn finds it easy to communicate, but because their association is influenced by the 3-11 Sun Sign Pattern, they’ll usually be more conversationally at ease when they’re together than when they are with most other people they know. Only [...]


All are keeping a sharp look-out in front, but none suspects that the danger may be creeping up from behind. Everything about Sagittarius is always open, friendly and direct. Everything about Scorpio is sometimes open, friendly and direct – on the surface. Don’t challenge astrology, please. (Do you hear the noise of all those Archers [...]


But there was one who did not fear him: there was one prepared to enter that circle … . .. which will win? … Putting this combination together is like pairing Merlin and Macbeth to stir a potion of “eye of newt, and toe of frog, wool of bat, and tongue of dog.” It’s a [...]


… it’s only fair to take this into account. Libra and Scorpio form a 2-12 Sun Sign Pattern, which means many things, as you will read in the back of this book, but one of the most important of these is Karma’s decree to the Libran that there is a mystery to be absorbed from [...]


None of them knew. Perhaps it was best not to know. Their ignorance gave them one more glad hour. Virgos all believe they possess the precise pattern for ironing out the quirks and kinks in everything, for smoothing out all the wrinkles in the personalities of everyone they know. Then Virgo meets Scorpio, and the [...]


“Proud and insolent youth, ” said Hook, “prepare to meet thy doom.” “Dark and sinister man,” Peter answered, “have at thee!” Let’s begin on a positive note. One thing Leo and Scorpio share is an honest respect for one another. As mentioned before all Fire Signs (and Leos are no exception to the rule), instinctively [...]


Strangely, it was not in the water that they met .. The Crab and the Scorpion may meet while they’re sunning themselves on a rock somewhere, on a lazy lavender day. They could, of course, meet beneath the briny, but since they are often destined to be drawn together sooner or later, the choice of [...]


All pirates are superstitious; and Cookson cried, “They do say the surest sign a ship’s accurst is when there’s one on board more than can be accounted for. “ The naturally superstitious Scorpio has every right to conjure an extra person around when he (or she) is dealing with a Gemini, born under the sign [...]


The more quickly this horror is disposed of the better. It is not, of course, always a horror, although the potential is there. When they really try, Taurus and Scorpio often get on well together, sometimes superbly. If the Moon Sign of one is conjunct, sextile or trine to the other’s Sun, they can chart [...]

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