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Unlike the crown of spikes that pictures the last of Virgo, CORONA AUSTRALIS – the Southern Crown – is the laurel crown of victory. Picturing among the constellations the Cancer decanate of Scorpio, it reveals the potency of sex when sublimated to carry the soul to the loftiest summit of physical and mental achievement. Adjacent [...]


ARA – the Altar – rising from which is seen the smoke of burnt offerings, pictures in the heavens the Pisces-decanate of Scorpio. Here we find the self-centereness and aggression of Mars, the ruler of Scorpio, somewhat modified by the restrictions of Pisces. All the desire for expression is present, but usually there comes a [...]


OPHIUCHUS – the man who wrestles with a serpent—is the constellation, picturing in the sky the sex-decanate of the sex – sign, Scorpio. He typifies the struggle of man with his animal desires. And even as in the Biblical story of Jacob wrestling with the angel—which is but one version of this starry struggle – [...]

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