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You are an intellectual, whether in science or in the arts or merely on the appreciative side. You belong to that critical and appreciative public without which art and science are useless and pointless. You are sensitive, intuitive, with infinite discrimination, with respect to both works of art and people. You have an instinct for [...]


This is a visionary and idealistic polarity of Sun and Moon. Pride is strongly marked in you, and you set great store by intellectual and artistic accomplishment. You are a powerful and independent thinker, a good student, bringing a philosophy and viewpoint of your own to bear on intellectual and social problems and so likely [...]


Independence marks you for her own – you have a cavalier disregard for public opinion in respect to your private life and a judicious estimate of what the public wants in respect to your public life, so that you are a colorful figure in whatever sphere you move. Your scope and influence may become very [...]


You are an unusual person, idealistic, somewhat aloof from life in your viewpoint, tending to live in a philosophic world of your own. You are an idealist, and the world tends to confuse you somewhat. You feel injustice, inequality, hardness and coldness keenly, for you are warmhearted and affectionate and want nothing better than that [...]


Your creative force is terrific, and whether it expresses itself in riotous emotions, a creative-executive type of business career, or in art, depends on how you utilize the enormous energy and magnetism that are yours. In its least desirable and most negative expression this leads to sensationalists, romantics, and love-affairists. You will have a powerful [...]


You will learn a lot of lessons through your emotional nature as you go along in life for at the beginning you are as a lamb among wolves. You have a certain naivete and ardor combined which brings you knocks and jolts as you discover that everyone is not as direct as you are and [...]


There is never any doubt about where you stand; your mental activity, your awareness of the world around you, and your willingness to express what you think and feel, color your opinions with an amazing honesty. Even when diplomacy may dictate restraint in expression, you know well enough what you are thinking. Whoever else you [...]


You have a strong, positive personality; fixed opinions and emotions; great stability of purpose; and if you do not let yourself live on the strictly emotional side of your nature – which is very strong – you are capable of becoming a person of considerable influence and importance. The danger of your nature comes from [...]


You are a magnetic individual, with a tremendous amount of self-confidence, and an intuitive understanding of the world and of people. You don’t go out of your way very much for people; you think well of yourself and let your friends come to you. If they don’t come, that’s all right, too; you are capable [...]


You have an impressive personality, with a flair for people that makes you excessively popular; a quality of reserve lends charm to your surprisingly vocal and voluble manner of expression. You have a keen sense of humor, love a good story and tell stories exceedingly well. You give an appearance of great decision and determination, [...]


Your thoughts, emotions, plans, and aims are all on a wide and sweeping scale; you think in the grand manner, and everything you do is touched with a bigness of purpose; little things don’t interest you – small amounts of money, petty emotions, or little plans you simply don’t understand. If, with your grandeur of [...]


You are a realist, and the center of your highly tangible world is yourself, first, last, and always. You aren’t interested in generalizations or abstractions; your ambition is definite and highly personal; your loyalties are to people rather than to ideas; your loves, your hates, your resentments, are all formed in terms of individuals. You [...]

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