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The last decanate of the northern signs is pictured by a crown of twelve iron spikes. This Venus – decanate of the mental sign Virgo is the point from which the Sun passes into the winter section of the zodiac. And so the serpent, picturing the first decanate of Libra is represented with his fangs [...]


The Saturn decanate of Virgo is pictured among the constellations by Hercules – the Hero – who, among other things, performed twelve superhuman labors. One foot crushes the head of the Cyclic Dragon, while his outstretched hand grasps the apples of Hesperides. This depicts the tendency of those born under this section of the sky [...]


In the Mercury decanate of Virgo we find the assimilative quality exercised to the most pronounced degree. The mind of those born here are usually restless and active, a tendency pictured among the constellations by BOOTES—the Bear Driver—who follows the Great Bear, symbol of the objective mind, about the heavens with an upraised sickle, urging [...]


Here comes Florence Nightingale—helpful, considerate, always eager to listen, ever willing to cooperate. These people are among the most delicate, concerned, and empathetic individuals on the planet. They’re sincere, sensitive, and intelligent; they’re unassuming and non-combative. Being short on egotism, they prefer to stay out of the limelight whenever possible, and they’re so adept at [...]


Virgoans with Aquarius rising are electrically charged with a sharp sense of humor and a vivaciously friendly attitude. And they always have an urgent understanding of exactly what to do when the pressure’s on and the crap hits the fan. They’re ship-shape, with an “all for one and one for all” attitude. These analytical Virgoans’ [...]


These willing workers do what’s expected, and then some. With a calm, cool, and collected, business-is-business Capricorn personality, these Virgoans usually know how to deal with authority, whether it’s theirs or someone else’s. They’re highly dependable, always ready to help out by rolling up their sleeves and lending a hand, loyal to the company, respectful [...]


These are some sharp-minded winners who get the picture with their perceptive Sagittarius personalities and never miss the details with their intelligent, analytical Virgo behind the scenes. This is a powerful combination for fun and profit: Sagittarius loves a party, and Virgo’s the caterer! [..] Virgoans with Happy-Go-Lucky Sagittarius rising are usually easy-going, jovial people [...]


These people are more “grab the handle” and “out of my way!” than most other Virgoans. They behave as though they’re on a mission, with no time to waste. But they’re not likely to tell you where they’re going or where they’ve been. A Scorpio personality gives them that full-blown, eight-cylinder, trademark Scorpio gusto! And [...]


Everything depends on relationships with these people. They’re so motivated to share and belong that they seldom consider what they’re getting in return for their heartfelt help. So fair and considerate partners are key! Compatible partners give them extreme comfort and much easier lives, but incompatible commitments will bring them to their knees. They need [...]


There’s no boredom here! These people can stare at a blank wall, and find something interesting about it. Talk about busy-minded tree squirrels! They’re usually youthful in appearance, and often stylish cuties. And, oh my, are they picky. Virgoans are always buzz-saw productive, but these Virgoans are doubly so. And as Virgoans are analytical and [...]


Ah! Finally! A Virgo who wants some attention! These are probably the most self-assured and assertive Virgoans of all. They’re also more focused and determined than other Virgoans, and they’re better at getting to the bottom of things. Blending the intense, robust, and possibly striking presence of Lordly Leo the lion with productive Virgo creates [...]


These people have a wonderful “grow your own,” green-leaf quality about them that’s a joy to behold. They’re modest, helpful nurturers who cultivate people and things and bring them to fruition, whether underlings at work, neatly-dressed children at home, or plants out on the balcony. To anyone who shows up at the house, they offer [...]

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