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Insight is your great gift, an understanding mind, careful, studious, and profound. You are both intellectual and intuitive, can reason things out by cold logic, learn facts, and absorb figures, at the same time that your hunches are actively at work. You seem to know a lot of things without having to be told – [...]


You are a pretty detached sort of person, and however much your romanticism and periodic emotionalism may seem to make you otherwise, you incline to be cold and self-sufficient at heart. You view people in a rather calculating manner, and are capable of hurting those who are fond of you by the ease with which [...]


You are a very well-integrated personality, with a fine mind, critical rather than creative; and you rise to a position of some influence and authority and to worldly security. A fundamentally serious, even morose, strain underlies your sense of humor. You are conscious of the frailties of human nature and eager to do your share [...]


There is a wide cleavage between your intellectual and your emotional natures; you are capable of doing things you disapprove of, under the spell of adventure, romance, excitement. You are a loyal, honorable, warm-hearted, and reasonable person. But you have difficulty in getting your ideas across, and a feeling that you are misunderstood arises, perhaps [...]


You look and behave like an intellectual but your chief driving force is found in your personal, emotional nature; and for good or ill, it colors all your thinking strongly. You are incapable of believing what is foreign to your internal emotional bias, and thus you will be found to be an ardent partisan of [...]


You are a self-sufficient soul, intellectual, reasonable, easy to get along with, and probably easy to look at; but in some way giving the impression of detachment. You’re fastidious in your tastes, in matters of dress and with respect to people, and would rather spend an evening at home with a book than go out [...]


You are dominated and motivated by your intellectual interests. You are loyal, affectionate, sentimental rather than romantic, and can develop a great interest in domestic matters. But the lodestar of your life is the mind, its products, achievements, and possibilities. When you marry it will be for intellectual affinity as much as for anything else, [...]


You are a person of unquestioned character and absolute devotion to duty. Whatever rebellious resentments may enter your heart they never swing you from the path that you consider right and honorable. You are thus capable of being imposed upon, for if you can be made to feel that you have an obligation, you will [...]


You are reserved, sentimental, and naturally shy, although self confidence grows with the years. However, you don’t get over a certain reticence of manner and adherence to the conventions of social usage. You have an underlying sweetness and charm which your shyness and sensitivity may conceal too effectively. You live by a code of some [...]


Mind power is your strength – and your weakness. It is your strength because you are rational, capable of figuring things out analytically, and of grasping details and intricacies. It is your weakness because, through absorption with mental matters, you are likely to neglect the emotional side of your life, which nevertheless rises up to [...]


This is one of the outstanding positions of luck in life; material problems rarely trouble you, though out of nervousness you may create your own worries. In some way you are taken care of; and through hereditary standing may rise to a position of considerable importance. You are naturally easy-going (which may be reflected in [...]


You have not nearly the self-confidence that you impress the world with, for though you express as a dynamic and executive person, there are large gaps of timidity in you. If by any chance you work yourself into a position of authority, flaws will be found in your administration which are at variance with what [...]

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