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If you have a Virgo employee who’s a typical Virginian, treasure him (or her) and plan, slowly and carefully, to get him to the position of your assistant. Don’t do it too quickly or hell feel unprepared and reluctant. Fast ad­vances don’t tickle the Virgo ego, they just alarm him and make him suspect that [...]


“We can talk,” said the Tiger-lily “When there’s anybody worth talking to.” If you have a Virgo boss, be kind to him. He’s probably secretly troubled and unhappy. Virgos are not born to be high-powered executives who lead others forcefully and they soon regret the decision to bite off more than they can chew. Of [...]


Virgo Rising – General You do everything skillfully with a fine sense of craftsmanship and precision, perfectionism, care and attention to detail. You are keenly observant and have an acute sensitivity to each and every thing in your environment; therefore, you attend to small things that others do not readily notice, the subtleties, the fine [...]


The most pervasive trait of the Virgo Ascendant is analysis. Because you have choice in how to engage in Virgo expression, you tend to analyze everything you do, with the intention of improving your own performance. You are able to research a subject intensely, studying the nuances of situations in order to find the most [...]


Modest, unobtrusive, and often rather quiet or shy, you are a person who is content to be in the background or to serve as an assistant, in the supporting role rather than in the lead. You are quite humble in your own assessment of yourself and you have a very strong perfectionistic attitude, with a [...]


Virgo is the fully ripened harvest, untouched as yet by the farmer’s hands and still filled with all the potential resources of the abundant crops. Thus Virgo is the virgin who, in her chaste state, is potentially endowed with the fruits of womanhood. She waits for the right circumstances so that she will be permitted [...]


As to the activities which are innate or outwardly manifested in your life, coming in the astronomical constellation of Virgo, at times you may have the appearance of being too self-sufficient in your relationships with others. Hence you may be considered somewhat eccentric, especially in your choice of associates and friendships. There is also a [...]


With a sign as obsessive as Virgo, you might expect a fairly twitchy shadow. How right you are. Virgo’s shadow side is complex, like his ordinary consciousness. One main face of it we might call the ‘I know it all’ syndrome. It goes something like this: WIFE: (to Virgo husband) I’ve just discovered something really [...]


A child born in September is usually more quiet, calm and peaceful than the other children. At the same time, he is also quite attentive, observant, quick and swift. A Virgo child will be very fussy about food and it is better if you do not try to feed him something he doesn’t like. Otherwise, [...]


Seizing the Girdle of Hippolyte The great Presiding One called unto him the Teacher watching over Hercules. “The time is drawing near,” he said, “how fares the son of man who is a son of God? Is he prepared again to venture forth and try his mettle with a foe of a different sort? Can [...]


Modern language sometimes does some very funny things with words and concepts that come from the pre-Christian era. For example, take the Latin word virgo. It’s usually interpreted as virgin, with all its sexual implications. So that the typical Virgo portrayed in popular astrology is virginal, i.e., prudish or inhibited or sexually cool. One need [...]


If you’re looking for the perfect housekeeper and have just read somewhere that Virgo women are masters (or mistresses) of the art, you should probably bestow your insult on some other sign. The main gift of the Virgo woman is her intelligence, not her orderliness; and when you find the compulsive housebound type who dusts [...]

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