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The evolving spiritual awareness of man or woman enters next into the Earth element. On the Taurus level, the symbolic Infant soul has become, symbolically, a healthy, chubby Baby, who now relates to the reflective feminine Night Forces, and has learned to sleep on schedule, then wake to anticipated comfort. No longer does he or [...]


Thus sharply did the terrified three learn the difference between an island of make-believe and the same island come true. Yes, there are three of them, for Pisces is a sign of duality symbolized by the two Fish, swimming in opposite directions. In one sense, this symbol represents the powerful polarity of Piscean spiritual and [...]


…they knew it was make-believe, while to him makebelieve and true were exactly the same thing. This sometimes troubled them, as when they had to make-believe that they had had their dinners. An ancient Chippewa song begins: as my eyes search the prairie I feel the summer … in the spring These words were surely [...]


It would be an easy map, if that were all; but there is also first day at school, religion, fathers. . . . .verbs that take the dative, chocolate pudding day, getting into braces, say ninety-nine, threepence for pulling out your tooth yourself, and so on ….. The shining virtues of solidity and dependability surround [...]


….. for the procession must continue indefinitely until one of the parties stops or changes its pace. The Bulls will in no way change their slow, steady pace, so it’s up to Sagittarius to stop running for a spell, now and then, if these two are ever going to settle down, and cash in on [...]


The more quickly this horror is disposed of the better. It is not, of course, always a horror, although the potential is there. When they really try, Taurus and Scorpio often get on well together, sometimes superbly. If the Moon Sign of one is conjunct, sextile or trine to the other’s Sun, they can chart [...]


“Oh, well, if you look at it that way. ….. ” “What other way is there to look at it?” Anyone who wants to understand an association between Taurus and Libra (both presently ruled by Venus) should contemplate the elements. That’s the first step to knowing who’s on first and what’s on second in any [...]


… but on the whole the Neverlands have a family resemblance, and if they stood still in a row you could say of them that they have each other’s nose, and so forth. Virgos admire the Taurus strength of purpose, although they have little tolerance for the Bull’s stubbornness in the face of an obvious [...]


“None of us has ever been tucked in at night.” Bulls need lots of loyalty and affection in order to be sure they’re loved and appreciated. Leos need lots of worship and compliments in order to be sure they’re loved and admired. Neither of them get quite enough proof that they’re cherished, even from compatible [...]


I will tell you where they are …. they are already in their home under the ground, a very delightful residence … Cancerian Crabs love their mothers, their homes, money, babies and food. Taurean Bulls love money, their homes and mothers, food and babies. You can see these two Sun Signs are uncommonly alike, except [...]


Without giving a thought to what might be the feelings of a fellow-creature thus abruptly deprived of its closest companion, Peter at once considered how he could turn the catastrophe to his own use …. Taurus men and women are quiet, steady, practical people, who try to mind their own business. On occasion, they can [...]


Observe how they pass over fallen twigs without making the slightest noise. The only sound to be heard is their somewhat heavy breathing. Somehow, an astrological rumor has gotten around that Taurus people are inclined to be overweight. This is false. Some of them tend to plumpness, true, but most of them do not. They [...]

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