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The third decanate of Taurus shows the reflective influence of Saturn, its sub-ruler. And even as the key-phrase of Capricorn is “I Use,” so those born under this decanate have the ability to use physical means to attain spiritual ends. The decanate is pictured in the sky by AURIGA, the charioteer, who with one hand [...]


In the second decanate of Taurus the fixity of purpose is given the analytical trend through the sub-influence being that of Virgo. Therefore, some condition in the environment is attacked and made the center upon which the physical and mental forces are focused. The result is a conflict. And this conflict may be to attain [...]


The masters of olden times in tracing symbolic pictures in the sky, to convey to later generations their conception of the influence of the various sections of the heavens, sometimes pictured the highest attainment and sometimes pictured the greatest obstacle to progress. In LEPUS—the Hare—they symbolize the thought that timidity is the greatest bar to [...]

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