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A whimsical Pisces personality works rather well with the patient, long-suffering Bull. It gives a lighter touch. These people listen as well as speak, and they’re better at peaceful solutions than other Taureans. A more gentle approach augments Taurus’ ability to make things easy, yet fruitful. With an open mind, Pisces absorbs what’s being heard, [...]


Aquarius is all about attitudes—BIG attitudes! So these people need to know exactly what they’re projecting. Are they magnetic jokesters, or are they sourpusses? Does the Aquarius personality add electric magnetism to the focus and patience of Taurus? Does it create the most contagious funny bone you’ve ever met? Does it lead the plodding, big [...]


Combine common sense with a business-is-business personality, and you get a powerfully practical person who can make things happen. Taureans with Capricorn rising are the business-people who have the goods their competitors only wish they had, and they drive a hard bargain in selling them. They’re the people in charge: serious honchos who know that [...]


“Sagittarius” derives from the Latin “bull-slayer,” which might make it seem like a Sagittarius rising sign is a poor complement to a Taurus ego, but not so: Sagittarius gives the bull a smiley face and winning ways! Sagi-magi-ragi-ttarius, Mr. Happy-Go-Lucky, slays most of Taurus’ less-buoyant traits, such as bull-faced frowns and closed-minded stubbornness. If these [...]


These are some serious go-getters with pretty good people skills, considering how hell-bent they are to get what they want. Taurus determination and Scorpio gusto add up to voracity! There’s almost too much energy in this combination, a passionate, hot sexuality, a sensual touch, a tendency to bite off a great big chunk; they drink [...]


These people are polite but determined, and if they exercise good judgment, doors of opportunity open pretty easily. Libra’s catch-phrase for success is, “It was who I knew, not what I knew, that put me in the seat of opportunity.” Word of mouth and “one hand washes the other” partnerships are Taurus with Libra rising’s [...]


These are unassuming, cooperative people with a youthful appearance and a good eye for style and quality in people and things. And they’re masters at efficiency and precision. Their Taurus “cut the bull” teams up with Virgo’s keen eye for functionality, equipping them to get things done lickety-split. Both Taurus and Virgo are “earth” signs, [...]


Now these people take the bull by the horns and pursue their goals with a “stand aside, I’ll show you how to do this” attitude. They’re super determined, masterfully competent, and striking in their delivery. Lordly Leo’s pride, fearlessness, and “do it right the first time” mentality is a good complement to Taurus’ practicality and [...]


“Still waters run deep.” These people are usually cautious and contemplative, and not very willing to risk rejection. But Cancer is a world-class thrifty nickel and practical Taurus loves a bargain, so Taurus with Cancer rising is very effective at accruing material things. Real estate being one of Cancer’s preferred domains, we might find these [...]


Gemini, “the nice guy,” usually does a good job of lightening up Taurus the Banker; Gemini’s “icing on the cake” sincerity adds a lot of tolerance and flexibility. So the nimble, spry, chatty-faced Jitterbug Gemini personality can be a real blessing here. Gemini rising provides the beast of burden an open mind, and while Taureans [...]


Double Taurus, double intensity, double focus and determination. Taureans with Taurus rising are Taurus, the Banker, personified. Even physically, a broad smile with lots of teeth, broad shoulders, and narrow pelvic bones are not uncommon. Will these Taureans harness and channel their formidable strengths? Or will they end up demanding, intolerant, overly serious and unpleasantly [...]


No one needs to sit and wonder where these people are coming from! They’re direct as can be, and they’re apt to be very impatient with coyness or any other form of insincerity. Both Aries the ram and Taurus the bull are horned animals, implying a straightforward approach to life. With their Aries childlike innocence [...]

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