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You have deep wells of hidden consciousness that even your best friends don’t know about. You lead a private dream-life of your own that may have no discernible relationship with reality and that serves to isolate you somewhat from intimate human contact, though you have a great need for affection and sympathy. This is primarily [...]


Your affability, sunniness, good looks, and generally easy and gracious manner conceal a core of hard purpose which will amaze your friends when they run into it. You give ground with a smile, you yield (up to a point), you back and fill and sashay around tactfully and charmingly, but you never forget for a [...]


Security is of the utmost importance to you – not wealth, perhaps, but security of home, of position, and of prestige. You are proud, and a sweet and gracious exterior conceals an inner sense of your own worth which you like to see made manifest in the material things of the world – your accomplishments [...]


You have a highly developed social sense. You are fond of people who must, however, be the right people. You’d rather stay home alone with a good book than be bored by dullards or surrounded by people you think uninteresting or declasse. You are able to get on well enough with all classes for you [...]


You have a strong, impulsive, passionate nature. You know what you want and, for good or bad, get it. You are self-willed, headstrong, independent, usually getting under way early in life and contriving to resist or break any chains which anyone tries to throw around you. You are capable of rearing up on your hind [...]


You are a confirmed romantic, and whatever your station or occupation may be, your success, your failure, your happiness, and your disappointments come directly through your emotional nature. You may be an actor and derive success and satisfaction through the emotional stimulus from your audience; a poet and express your feelings and those of the [...]


You have charm, poise, balance, and admirable common sense and the extent to which you develop these qualities to your own intellectual and economic advantage will depend on other things. Your executive qualities are not well marked, but in mental undertakings, or when carrying out the instructions of a superior, you are excellent. Your strong [...]


There’s nothing wishy-washy about you! a strong determined will, well-defined opinions, and a complete willingness to let anyone know what they are make you a forthright, honest, and fearless person with a fine scorn and contempt for those people whom for any reason you don’t like. Your dislikes are not necessarily founded on abstract or [...]


You have a highly sensitive nature, are easily hurt, and likely to become very resentful of real or imagined slights or offenses. You are an ardent lover and a permanent hater, though you can conceal your dislikes very well and have a sort of protective diplomacy about you that makes it difficult for others to [...]


Personal discontent will run away with you and make a muddle of your life if you don’t learn to control your critical attitude toward other people. You think yourself loyal, devoted, persistent, and capable, but as a matter of fact, you have a tendency to fly, emotionally, from one thing to another and especially from [...]


The stubbornness that made you a highly difficult child changes as you grow older into great determination and reasonableness, which gives you an irresistible power both over people and over your own environment. You assume responsibility readily, and your shoulders are broad and capable of carrying almost any load. You have a fine insight into [...]


You have a powerful personality. there is a certain fixity of purpose in you which your highly expressive nature may conceal, and a certain ruthlessness in getting what you want – though the skies fall – that may not be apparent except to those who know you intimately. Your intellectual and emotional natures, each powerful [...]

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