Chiron Conjunct Ascendant in Medical Astrology

You could experience some wounding in life that has a profound affect upon your overall approach and interaction with the world. This may be a physical wound that is immediately apparent to others, or it may be that it is a more private experience that none the less affects how you view the world and how others see you. These experiences may lead you to become involved in healing or teaching. You will likely find fulfilment in helping or healing others in some way. You might be sensitive to chemicals and drugs. It is possible that at some point you could experience chronic health problems, so listen to what your body is saying and seek specialist help if required. You are likely to respond well to holistic and natural treatments and should not be fearful of trying alternatives as well as traditional healing. Using both will serve you well. Your personal healing journey will lead you towards inner wisdom and enable you to help others with similar experiences.

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