Chiron Hard 6th in Medical Astrology

Your journey towards wholeness and wellbeing will likely involve some experiences that are potentially difficult or wounding, but you are likely to develop the skills and wisdom to convey information to others in a spirit of service. You could experience some health concerns that have a profound effect upon you, not just physically, but which lead you on a quest for knowledge and healing, which could develop into a career in teaching or the health sector. Before you can enter into such a role that provides service to others, you first need to heal yourself. Undertaking your own research into a variety of healing modalities is a good place to start. It is likely that you will experience some inner struggle to find a balance between having personal freedom and autonomy while at the same time accepting your obligations. To assist during times of stress and to rebalance your system, try a bath or massage using Clary Sage, Sandalwood and Ylang Ylang essential oils, which will also lift your mood when you feel despondent.

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