Chiron Hard Ascendant in Medical Astrology

Ruler of Ascendant Hard Chiron
Ruler of Ascendant Conjunct Chiron

You are a sensitive and caring soul who can easily be wounded. You may be subjected to an illness or psychological wound that could have a profound impact on you physically and/or emotionally. As you move through life you will come to realise that you possess a unique gift for healing, indeed a profession in the healing area would ideally suit your temperament. You are wise beyond your years. Listen to and honour your inner self. You may find that you are put into situations that are painful and through this suffering you will become a more caring and giving individual. You will come to understand that the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions are intertwined and of equal importance. You will experience profound healing and can make a valuable contribution by teaching others the lessons you learn. You may feel alone in your suffering, but you are capable of providing a beacon of hope that helps to inspire others in similar situations.

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