Chiron in the 12th House in Medical Astrology

or Chiron in Pisces

You are a sensitive soul whose experiences may have a profound affect upon your sense of self. Your confidence and identity may suffer because your reality; that which you once believed was the truth, might later be revealed as something quite different. For example, you may have grown up in a cult or alternative community, or you may have a parent who has experienced drug problems or mental illness. Whatever your circumstances, you may feel a deep sense of loss, confusion, or disillusionment at some point.

You are probably more evolved and aware than you give yourself credit for. Because of your wounds, you may feel a bit lost and unsure of yourself, but over time you will become more aware that you possess rare and worthwhile gifts. Try not to feel obligated to continue with situations or connections that have a negative influence on your wellbeing, just for the sake of belonging.

The challenge you face is to get in touch with yourself and your own spiritual core. By doing this you will establish your own beliefs and more than likely discover that within you lies a highly creative and imaginative artist. At times you can feel you have lost your way and that you are simply going through the motions. If you feel depressed by the circumstances of your life, seek help and guidance. You are a highly intuitive and caring soul and helping others can be spiritually uplifting. Do not be tempted to escape your pain by medicating yourself with drugs or alcohol. Share your experiences by assisting people in similar circumstances.

The key to healing is to be found in your own spiritual journey. Possible options to explore include: Reiki, spiritual and energy healing, meditation or hypnotherapy. Most importantly, develop a meaningful life philosophy and embrace music, art and colour. Your capacity to give selflessly is second to none, but you need to give to yourself too. Once you embrace your spiritual centre, you will find wisdom.

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