Chiron in the 1st House in Medical Astrology

or Chiron in Aries

You are a sensitive soul whose journey towards wholeness may involve you in events that make you feel that you are singled out in some way.

It may be necessary for you to cross a threshold, perhaps some kind of pain barrier, emotional or physical, before you can embrace your own creative potential with full confidence. You may be defined in some way by a wounding event that calls into question your identity. As a result you may become a leader or pioneer. Even though being in charge and taking the initiative means facing your fears, you are capable of inspirational leadership and taking decisive action.

You may feel vulnerable, feeling that your pain and scars are visible to others. By being courageous, you will find the key to face life’s challenges.

At times you perhaps feel a deep sense of isolation, or aloneness and feel that you have to push ahead on your own, without much support from others. But relationships will also bring you opportunities to heal. Over time you will begin to forge supportive connections with others who may have undergone similar experiences. You will discover you have a rare gift to heal others as well as yourself.

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