Chiron in the 2nd House in Medical Astrology

or Chiron in Taurus

Financial matters are a part of your life that may cause you stress. At some point you may suffer as a result of poverty, or perhaps you just feel that you never have enough in the way of material resources. This might lead you to work hard to establish your financial security, but for a while you may have to work in an occupation that is not personally rewarding, which could undermine your self-worth. At some point you are likely to make some important changes in your occupation, so that your job better reflects your evolving values.

As you begin to question the values that underpin your working life and income base, you are embarking on a healing journey that could start with a longing for something more meaningful and worthwhile. Eventually, you may establish your own business.

You may be prone to experience physical tension or stress, particularly in the neck region. The tonsils, thyroid, vocal chords, ears, jaw problems and teeth grinding are some symptoms to watch for. Money worries may cause you ill health, including back problems.

It might be difficult for you to let go of some of the secure aspects of your life such as a regular income that you rely upon and to strike out on your own, but this might be the key to your wellbeing.

Embracing a more happy-go-lucky attitude will carry you forward in life with a more carefree and optimistic outlook. Massage, chiropractic, other tactile therapies, will support you as you learn to accept change and to love yourself.

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