Chiron in the 3rd House in Medical Astrology

or Chiron in Gemini

Part of your experience could include a deep wounding that in some way relates to your intellectual capacity. Perhaps you experienced some sort of learning disability, or maybe you missed some schooling due to ill health, so part of you feels unsure of your intellectual ability and hence you strive to attain more information and knowledge. At some point you might feel you are intellectually inadequate, which can lead you to over-compensate by cramming your head full of information, facts and data.

At the same time you may feel a sense of stress that can stem from information overload, travel and mobility issues, or generally doing too much, which then leads problems such as recurring shoulder tension, colds, flu, asthma, bronchitis, chest and sinus conditions.

Learning new information can also be quite stressful for you and because it is painful, you might try to avoid it. Returning to study throughout life may be challenging for you, but it will also be highly rewarding and healing, and show you how to embrace your full potential. Teaching, writing or speaking could play a large role in your life. You are both student and teacher.

Make time to express your feelings, emotions and needs too. You will learn that communication comes in many forms, not just in words, facts and ideas. Healing begins when you stop trying to do ten things at once and keep an open mind.

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