Chiron in the 4th House in Medical Astrology

or Chiron in Cancer

The wounds you experience in childhood may affect you in a profound way. Stress sources for you are often related to family, parents, and your emotional development. Emotional healing could become a priority for you. At some point you are likely to be involved in a process of deep-seated healing that in some way is connected with home, family, domestic matters and emotional security. Where do I belong? Where is home? What constitutes a family? These are some of the questions that lie deep within you. You are a sensitive soul who will probably develop a rich inner life.

You may become interested in investigating old patterns and family relationships, and in the process you will learn a great deal about yourself. You will discover how the past has contributed to your present and you will begin to express your feelings in new ways, which will prove to be highly cathartic.

You are highly imaginative, but at times you can feel insecure. At times of stress you need to retreat from the world. It is possible you will experience some conflicting emotions, from the heights of euphoria to the depths of sadness. Your moods can fluctuate quite rapidly. Physical concerns with digestion, stomach, the breast area, fluid metabolism, or food issues can be part of your journey, and can signal the need for emotional healing.

Delving into the past, or into your own unconscious patterns using tools such as psychotherapy, will bring deep emotional healing. You may feel the need to go through this process before you can fully embrace your future. Let yourself experience this without fear. Know you are safe.

Healing options that can be additionally beneficial for you include nutrition, diet changes, counselling, family therapy, hydrotherapy, dream work, meditation, hypnotherapy, or aromatherapy. In your life, try to strike a balance between giving and receiving.

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