Chiron in the 5th House in Medical Astrology

or Chiron in Leo

Some of the core questions you need to ask yourself relate primarily to your creative essence. What do I want to create? What is the nature of creativity? What am I creating this for? Issues associated with children may also challenge you. You may need to get in touch with your inner child, to help answer some of these questions. Underlying these questions is perhaps a deeper question that you first need to ask yourself. Before you can express your creativity, you first need to learn more about yourself. Who are you? You may have a deep-seated identity issue that you need to address.

Issues around children and the need for creative expression may challenge you.
Children may in some way be a catalyst for finding out more about who you are, if not directly, then indirectly. You may have a strong desire to have children, or no desire for a family at all. Stress can also affect your fertility. Other potential concerns can develop in areas such as heart, spine, circulation, sports injuries and fatigue. But finding your true identity will be the most healing experience of all. Expressing yourself creatively can help you to find yourself. Let yourself participate fully without fear.

Make time for play, for sport, for creativity and for fun. Over time you will learn more about who you are and where your true potential lies. You will discover the healing power of love that lies within and discover your creative essence. As a result you may discover an inner artist who is seeking expression.

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