Chiron in the 6th House in Medical Astrology

or Chiron in Virgo

Generally, you have a good comprehension of health matters and probably a strong interest in healing and nutrition. You may in fact decide upon a career in the healing arts. But before that happens, you may go through a period of questioning the intrinsic value of your work and lifestyle. This process may begin with a build up of stress, the roots of which lie in your workplace and any reluctance on your part to address the issues. Feelings of discomfort can affect your health. You may feel forced to work in jobs that cause you high levels of stress. It could be that you are somehow obliged to work in a job for which you are not temperamentally suited, or which results in some kind of stress related disorder or health concern.

Associated physical problems can affect the small intestine, digestive system, spleen, and pancreas and could relate specifically to allergies, food and diet.

Work and health issues can be signals that you need to focus your attention on the causes and effects of stress. Eventually, this will pave the way for a change of direction into a role where you will be happier and more valued, but it is important to first address your own health and wellbeing, on all levels. The first step could be to learn more about natural healing.

By learning to embrace your own inner healer, you will find the key to mental, spiritual, emotional and physical wellbeing. This will set upon a path that can lead to a new job or career.

Put your faith in your own intuition and seek professional advice if needed. After you directly experience healing yourself, then it will be time to develop your skills and knowledge further. You will discover you have an innate capacity to heal or to teach what you know, because you have personally experienced profound healing.

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