Chiron in the 7th House in Medical Astrology

or Chiron in Libra

Throughout your life, personal relationships will bring you opportunities to heal, even though there may be some pain involved in this process and some relationships will be wounding. You will probably come to know yourself and others very well and be a keen observer of human nature. It is primarily via relationships that you will come to know more about yourself.

Relationships are likely to be a catalyst towards a conscious examination of your own patterns. You may be an only child, adopted, come from a large family, or for some other reason experience an overwhelming sense of aloneness. This causes you some pain, but it is also a source of comfort. Because you find relationships to be a painful experience, you may tend to avoid them and prefer to be on your own. At the same time, you have a highly idealised idea of what a relationship constitutes. You have high standards that others may be unable to easily meet.

Often it is the same qualities that attract us to people, that we later discover are characteristics we find the most difficult to handle. You may encounter people and develop relationships with those who are very wounded. You may try to heal them, playing the role of therapist. Trying to heal the people with whom you share personal relationships, can create problems.

Rather than always trying to heal others, perhaps you also need to consider undertaking therapy yourself. Your gifts as a counsellor or therapist will be utilised much more effectively when you embrace your own healing journey.

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