Chiron in the 8th House in Medical Astrology

or Chiron in Scorpio

Intense events and experiences involving grief may be part of your journey towards wholeness. Although emotionally painful, ultimately these events will bring healing on the very deepest levels. Sexual intimacy can be fraught with issues too, but will also replenish the inner recesses of your soul. Your wounds are likely to open you to powerful processes of transformation and lead you to investigate the nature of the psyche. You might become interested in psychology and be gifted as a healer. Feeling powerless, money worries, sexual problems or intimacy issues, or problems with reproductive organs, colon, bladder, or the lower back region, can be signals that it is time to explore your own psyche.

There might be some unresolved issues from the past, perhaps from childhood that you need to explore from time to time. Undertaking psychotherapy, or some other form of emotional healing might be the very thing that sets you on a path towards helping others in the same way. Because you are sensitive, you tend to hide your vulnerability and pain behind a strong persona, but you are a survivor.

You are likely to be drawn towards exploring life’s mysteries. As you delve within, you will discover untold riches. Getting in touch with your emotions and feelings might be painful, but it will prove ultimately rewarding. Your soul will be replenished and your world will be transformed. Let go of the past, for it may be holding you back.

Part of your journey through life will take you on a profoundly powerful process that will ultimately prove rewarding, for it will lead you to a new beginning, where you will be empowered and more fully in touch with your emotional centre.

Psychotherapy, detoxifying, past life regression, colonic irrigation, relaxation techniques, meditation, hypnotherapy, or dream work, are powerful mediums that you might explore.

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